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Venetian Spa @ Grantage Hotel (Serpong)

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The Grantage is a hotel located in BSD, Serpong, near from the Damai Indah golf course. Though not that expensive ( US$50 a night on Agoda ), it is decorated in a kind of grandiose, classic roman design that often announces a naughty place in Indonesia. It has a rooftop bar called the "Sky Lounge" with live music and a resident DJ. The band schedule is available on their Instagram account below. They also have a karaoke with lady companions (11 karaoke rooms). The most interesting though is their spa, called The Venetian. I suspect it is part of the same group as The Venetian Bandung (and therefore of the nightclub Venesia ). They have some very pretty therapists that are willing to do a little more than a massage (the management calls it "romantic service"). The spa facilities include a jacuzzi, a gym, a sauna, 7 deluxe rooms and 8 VIP rooms.

Grand Royal Spa (Serpong)

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Grand Royal Spa is one of the best spas in Tangerang/Gading Serpong. Located behind Hotel Atria Residence, it is rather large and well-equipped. You will find hot and cold water pools (respectively 40° and 6-8° celsius), a sauna and a main lounge. Small snacks and free drinks are given to all customers. Princes are rather cheap, from Rp200,000 for a 75 minutes traditional massage all inclusive (full body massage + handjob) in the standard room. If you want a deluxe room, with a door instead of curtains and toilets inside, you will have to pay Rp100,000 more for 75 minutes. Facilities only will cost you Rp75,000. No aquarium but you can choose your therapist from photobook.

BlowArt Massage and Lounge (BSD)

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Would you believe that in pious Indonesia, a massage parlour called Blow'Art, specializing in blowjobs has just opened? This country never ceases to amaze me. It took me 10 minutes to realize that it was not a joke and that this place actually exists in Tangerang, 1 hour away from South Jakarta. So what can you expect in a massage parlour called "The Art of Fellatio"? From reports I've read online, you have plus plus massages, handjobs, and blowjob finishings. Sometimes a blow is all you need

Gymnastic Spa and Shiatsu 69 (Gading Serpong)

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Gymnastic 69 Spa and Shiatsu is one of the dozens of massage parlors to have opened in the Serpong area recently. It is quite similar to other venues in the area. Facilities include hot tub, hot and cold pools, sauna, karaoke and main lounge. The prices range from Rp160,000 for a massage in the deluxe room to Rp208,000 in the Super VIP room (with bathtub, TV and spring bed).

Sekushi Massage (Gading Serpong)

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Previously called "Hydro Massage", Sekushi Spa is a Japanese/Korean style massage parlour located in Tangerang, Gading Serpong. The particularity of Sekushi is that the therapist girls wear special costume (cosplay). The costumes depends on the day: You have school girl, air hostess, army, traditional or hawaiian uniforms for instance. The standard massage includes a plus plus for Rp140,000 (90 minutes) in the Deluxe room or Rp110,000 in the Regular room (without shower). They also offer more options such as the twin massage (2 girls) for Rp200,000 and the Flaming Ice Massage (Blowjob with ice) for Rp150,000. They also propose a mysterious "Geisha" treatment with their top therapist for Rp185,000.

B'Fly Massage Parlour (Gading Serpong)

By Jakarta100bars →
B'Fly is a cheap massage parlour located in Gading Serpong, Tangerang. Recently, the area has been experiencing an explosion in the number of budget spas competing with the more established brands such as Delta or My Place . Those places include Dragon Spa , Jupiter , Orchid or La Maestro in Alam Sutera.

Dragon Spa (BSD and PIK)

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Less than 15$ for a Delta-style massage? Yes it's possible! I wrote a few days ago about Foxy Sp a, a cheap massage parlour in PIK. Today, I learned about another place called Dragon Spa, which offer similar service. It is a super basic venue with currently two locations, one in PIK and one in BSD. Dragon describes itself with the following words: "Service of Delta Spa with the prices of a Kaki Lima (cheap street food stalls)". Apparently, they only hire ex-masseuse from there who have finished their 3-year contract. The price is Rp135,000 per session and Rp70,000 to extend. It is not a sex spa from what I could understand but a handjob is part of the SOP. Dragon Spa Serpong (Tangerang) Next to My Place Spa in Ruko Golden Boulevard Phone number: +62 (0) 21 5316 1114 For the Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) branch, I could not find the location. Please help if you know it. Opening hours

Jupiter Men's Spa (BSD - Tangerang)

By Jakarta100bars →
Jupiter Café is a men's spa (plus plus) located in BSD, Tangerang. It is just open and I think it is owned by the same group behind Mars Spa . They have a Sauna, a hot and a cold pool, and a café. 3 types of room, Standard, Deluxe and VIP. The price is cheap, from Rp190k to Rp260k (excluding tips) for 90 minutes massage. Not luxurious but if you are looking for the best price, this is your best option.

De Bale' Spa or BonBin (BSD, Tangerang)

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Also called "BonBin", De Bale' is a massage parlour ++ located next to ITC BSD City and opposite Teras Kota. It opened early 2015, along with several other similar spas such as Dragon , BlowArt , Jupiter , Blossom or La Maestro . It belongs to the Orchid Group. The standard SOP includes a massage and a handjob. The price is rather low (175,000rp for 75 minutes in Deluxe room and 200,000 for 75 minutes in Suite Room). Extra services (FJ or sex) can be negotiated directly with the massage girl if you give a 400,000rp additional tip.

Orchid Spa Gading Serpong

By Nyoman →
This is a small massage plus plus place located in Gading Serpong, where you can have a full range of special massages. It is sometimes referred to as the "Kampus". Orchid Spa Massage Plus Plus Ruko Marketplace (Pasar Modern Paramount) Blok P35-36 Gading Serpong, Tangerang

Eiffel Massage Alam Sutera

By Jakarta100bars →
Eiffel Alam Sutera is an affordable massage parlor located in Tangerang. It is open from 11am to 10pm, with happy hours until 4pm from Monday to Friday. With the 20% discount they provide during happy hours, it might be the cheapest place in Jakarta area to get a plus plus service. You can get 1 session or 2 session of 45 minutes. Both have the same standard SOP including HJ. If you choose 1 session only, the massage time will only be around 30 minutes and the rest for shower and preparation. The standard room will cost you Rp 65,000 for 1 session and Rp 110,000 for 2. The extension price is Rp 60,000.

Blossom Executive Massage (BSD City)

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Blossom Executive Massage is a cheap spa located in BSD city. It recently opened in April 2014 and so far it is still not very famous. They offer plus plus massage, but some reports indicate that it is not part of the SOP and that you may be asked for extra money for it. There are two room categories: For the Deluxe Room, the price starts at 10$ while it is slightly more expensive in the VIP Room (which have a shower). You can choose between a traditional massage, shiatsu massage, or a vitality massage.

Refrezz Massage (BSD)

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I already wrote about Refrezz Massage in Bali . There is now a Refrezz Spa in BSD also but I don't think it belongs to the same group. Refrezz BSD is a cheap, basic massage parlour which offers happy ending (but no sex). They have 15 young therapists. You have 3 kinds of rooms: Standard: Rp140,000 small room separated by a curtain. Deluxe: Rp180,000 with bathrooms and mirrors. VIP: Rp220,000 with luxury shower and bathtub.

La Maestro Spa & Lounge (BSD, Alam Sutera)

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La Maestro Spa & Lounge is a massage parlour with extra service. There are 2 locations in Jakarta so far: BSD City and Alam Sutera (in the rukos located in front of the Living World Mall). La Maestro Massage BSD City Ruko Golden Boulevard Blok E-31 BSD City - Tangerang Phone number: +62-21 5316 0851 BB Pin: 32815AA4 La Maestro Spa & Lounge Alam Sutera Ruko ASTC Blok G No. 2-3 Alam Sutera Tangerang (in front of Living World Alam Sutera) Phone number: +62-21 2921 1547

Orchid Spa (BSD)

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Orchid Spa is a massage parlour with extra service located in BSD. Also called "Bandara", it is part of the same group who own Anggrek Spa in ITC Fatmawati, Orchid Spa in Alam Sutera (code name: "Rumah Sakit") and Orchid Spa Gading Serpong (code name: Kampus). Prices for a massage (75 minutes): Deluxe: 235,000rp Suite Room (with bathtub): 285,000rp Orchid Spa BSD Tangerang Ruko Golden Boulevard Blok 1 number 3-5 BSD City, Serpong, Tangerang Phone number: +62-21 53161157 pin BB : 24ea76c8 WhatsApp: 081384358590

Grand Quick Spa (Serpong Alam Sutera)

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Grand Quick Spa is located in Serpong and it offers complete facilities including sauna, steam and pool. It belongs to the same group as Foxy Spa and it offers the same services. Please read my review here for more details: Foxy Spa PIK . Grand Quick SPA Alam Sutera Serpong Jalur Sutera, Complex Ruko Element/Spectra Blok B no. 8-10 Phone number: +62 (0) 21 2931 5204 / +62 (0) 2129315203 / +62 (0) 81280240019 / +62 (0) 81294223146 More photos on their facebook page:  Grand Quick Spa