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Sobbers Nightclub and KTV (Bandung)

By Jakarta100bars →
Sobbers is one of the numerous nightclubs in Bandung. It is located on Jalan Setiabudhi, next to the famous factory outlet Rumah Mode. A nearby hotel is the Grand Serela . If you are staying in the older part of town, for instance on Jalan Braga, it is a bit far to reach. Most of the customers are young Indonesians, including students from the nearby schools (STP Bandung, UPI, ITB, Universitas Parahyangan). Since there is also a KTV with lady companions, it attracts older guys and some " ayam ". One of my friends told me that Sobbers is a hangout for gays and lesbians.

Queen Rose Nightclub (Bandung)

By Jakarta100bars →
Queen Rose is located not very far from Bandung Station, in front of Paskal Hypersquare. It is an executive club, meaning a girly/prostitute venue, but not only (at least from my observations). I saw inside quite many lesbians, and maybe some ladyboys too but my friend said they were real women. Not a student crowd, average 35 years-old. No foreigners at all. Surprisingly for this kind of club, the atmosphere was really fun and easy-going, especially if you come with a group of friends. The club was only 1/3rd full, but most customers were dancing and singing when the live band was on. I think many customers are loyal and know each other so it added to the positive vibe. At around 00h30, the DJ started to play house/progressive tracks: Good sound system, though the music stopped at one point for about 5 minutes for unknown reasons. Another thing worth mentioning, someone tried to offer me some ecstasy. I don't know if it is a common thing in this club or not.

Braga Rave Club (ex-Caesar's Palace in Bandung)

By Jakarta100bars →
Update 2016 : Caesar's Place has been renamed Braga Rave Club: It has the Consortium Palace Disco, the Renaissance KTV, the Pandora Spa and the Entro Lounge. The review below is not exactly up to date as there has been some renovation work, but the spirit is the same. Old review: Caesar's Palace is an old-fashion night club on Jalan Braga. The place is quite cool, with modern lighting and sound system, but the music played is a kind of hardcore techno called funky house or "techno kota". Unless you are Indonesian, you won't like this place. I didn't see any foreigners there, but I can imagine some could be interested by the working girls, quite numerous on the dance floor.

R Karaoke (Bandung)

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Same owner than the Roempoet bar, R Karaoke is a red-light district type of karaoke where the main idea is to have girls accompany you in the rooms to sing (the rest is negotiable). There is a small "aquarium" in the entrance, quite rare in Indonesia, so the guys can look and choose their lady companions. R Karaoke used to have a website but it seems like they didn't renew their domain name so the site is currently down.The facebook page "R Karaoke" is working though: Bandung Karaoke R .

Gryphon Private Society Karaoke (Bandung)

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Karaoke with lady companions located on three floors on Jalan Braga. Rooms and building a little bit old but the sound system and the TVs/Projectors are brand new. Gryphon Karaoke JL Braga 96-98 Phone number: +62-22 - 4241875 Fax: +62-22 - 4237907 Email:

Hollywood KTV (Bandung)

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From the outside, Hollywood looks like a lively expat bar with live music and draught beer. Inside, it is actually one large karaoke room, with a sofas for drinking and a small dancing area. A few girls were dancing and they have rooms, so I suppose it is also a bordello. Very dark, but not gloomy, one client came to me, apparently drunk and asked me to take pictures of him singing with two prostitutes... He's lucky I didn't have a flash with my camera..