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Beirut Lebanon (Lebanese Restaurant)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Beirut Lebanon (also called Ali K. Baba) had been advertised to me as the best value Lebanese restaurant in Jakarta. The place doesn't look very good from the outside, and certainly not like a place you would want to eat in. The interior is better, very authentic and simple. It is not pretty but you feel that it isn't fake, and that probably if you ever go to Beirut, you will find some similar eateries. I ordered the hummus (Rp 20,000++) because I wanted to compare it with the more expensive restaurant Samarra ... No doubt about it, Beirut Lebanon's is way better. I followed that with a shawarma (Rp 50,000++) and it was fine also, especially the white sauce to put on it. Though the food is excellent value, there were no customers that day, in Lebanon Beirut. At the same time though, I'm guessing people were queuing in any other restaurants in Grand Indonesia and other malls. It made me think that restaurants located outside of malls seem to have troubles attractin

De Leila - Arabic Bar and Belly Dancing (Gatot Subroto)

By The Jakarta Team →
De Leila is a popular bar with dangdut and arab music. I learnt that it is owned by the guy behind Tanamur and JJs, 2 famous discos in Soeharto's era Jakarta nightlife. It's kind of like an hotel bar but with arab expats mostly, so it is a tiny bit different: You'll see girls are a usually less skinny than regular indonesian girls, and apparently, somebody left a comment saying it's the place in Jakarta to go where girls do anal sex... Think global, act local?

Diritna Lebanese Café

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Diritna is a tiny "mediterranean" restaurant where you can also smoke different flavoured shishas. The type of food available is Lebanese, Syrian and Jordanian. You have an outdoor section, a bit noisy, and a sort of aquarium, more quiet but not really cozy.

Harmiones Barrack café (Kelapa Gading)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
A bar/restaurant, Harmonies Barrack is more popular for its discounted prices on beer than its food (Rp25k for draught Carlsberg). Not very pretty but easygoing atmosphere, especially among the shisha smokers. Mostly young, local crowd. I think the Barrack is for Barrack Obama but I'm not 100% sure... Another similar beer drinking joint in La Piazza is The Barrels . Harmiones Barrack La Piazza, Ground Floor

Jalan Tebet (Jalan Tebet Utara Dalam)

By The Jakarta Team →
A friendly/busy street in Tebet. A lot of nice fast food restaurants. Good music. Young and relax atmosphere. Shisha on the pavement: Excellent and cheap. 

Kemang Food Festival (Kemang Raya)

By The Jakarta Team →
Kemang Food Fest is a very popular night foodcourt, especially with local high school and college students. If you party in Kemang, chances are you will end up there at one point of your night either to start it or to finish it, and you shall see many familiar faces. On Friday and Saturday nights, it is so packed you may find it hard to find both a parking space and a table. It is now also quite common to have live bands, that I find really too loud but Indonesians don't seem to mind. Choose your table first, and then you can wander around to get the food you like best. The prices are not as cheap as before, but it is affordable (a meal for 25,000rp on average). A good place to smoke shisha as well.

Little Baghdad (Kemang)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Little Baghdad is a famous shisha bar in Kemang, opened since 2003. They also serve a mix of western/Indian/arabic food for a very affordable price (see menu here ). It is usually very quiet compared to other venues in Kemang, but the clients are regulars. Since no alcohol is sold in Little Baghdad, most people come for the shisha (Rp65,000) and for the middle-eastern atmosphere. Recommended for having a chat with friends, not a party place. Opening hours:

Maroush (Moroccan Fine Dining Cuisine)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
  Maroush is a Moroccan restaurant in Crowne Plaza hotel, owned by the same group behind Frontpage and Anatolia . Along with Al-Nafoura (Lebanese food), it is among the best fine dining Arab restaurants in Jakarta. It is great both for the atmosphere and for the food, and while it remains much more expensive than your usual warung, I think it is affordable by Western standards (approximately Rp250,000 for a 2-course meal with drinks).