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Kahyangan (Shabu-Shabu Restaurant)

By Tibs →
  Kahyangan has to be one of the most expensive Asian restaurants in Jakarta. It is part of Pullman Hotel, near the Hotel Indonesia roundabout. I read a few reviews on internet about this place, but I imagine the journalists didn't actually pay for their meals. If you eat there for free, it is a great place indeed. You have an incredible view over Jakarta, attentive staff (though they can be pushy to make you order more) and stylish design. Bring a date here and she should be really impressed.

Hanamasa (All you can eat Restaurant)

By Anonymous →
Hanamasa is a All-you-can-eat Restaurant Chain in Indonesia, with Japanese Gril and Barbecue. It is quite popular and there are many outlets in Jakarta. I went to Hanamasa on Jl Mahakam (near Gran Mahakam Hotel) and I tried the food. I was not disappointed by the food: there is a fair choice of meat, vegetables and other condiments. You can either boil it or grill it (Shabu Shabu or Yakiniku). The crowd there is mostly indonesian and the different restaurants are pretty full on the week ends. I also found the place very clean with good service. The best part in my opinion is the price: It is only 100 000 Rp / 120 000 Rp to get a buffet menu. This is one of the lowest prices compared to the more than decent quality of the food. I would then recommend it as a good cheap alternative to a more fancy Korean BBQ.

Imperial Treasure Chinese Restaurant (Jakarta)

By Tibs →
  One of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Jakarta , Imperial Treasure specializes in La Mian (hand held noodles) and Xiao Long Bao (dumplings). Another specificity is that you can actually see the noodles being made from inside the restaurant. I tried it a few times with coworkers and everyone gets quite excited when we mention the name. It is packed, especially at lunch and you'll better make a reservation before going. I always enjoyed what I ordered in Imperial Treasure, and I don't find it too expensive. A full meal should not cost you more than Rp100,000. It reminds me of places like the Duck King or Shabu-Shabu House in terms of quality and professionalism. Overall: Recommended venue for lunches/business but too noisy for anything more intimate.