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Marutama Ramen (Casual Japanese Food)

By Tibs →
Marutama Ra-men is a Japanese casual restaurant, with 4 locations in Jakarta. I visited the one in eX Plaza Indonesia, just in front of the XXI cinemas. They have two main specialties: Ramen (Japanese noodle) and Nabe (Japanese hot pot). We took the Nabe, a soup with vegetables (Rp35,000++) to which you can add various items. In our case, we ordered a Chicken (Rp24,000++), Fish ball (Rp18,000++), Tofu (Rp9,000++) and Cabbage (Rp9,000) supplement. As you can see, the price of your meal may vary from simple to triple depending on your appetite. On average though, you shouldn't pay more than Rp100,000, and I think that's enough for two persons. Marutaman Nabe Overall: I rarely go to Japanese restaurants so it's difficult for me to assess how a dish tastes in comparison with the authentic version. Yet, I've read many mixed-to-positive reviews about this place, and both my friend and I enjoyed our meal: The ingredients were fresh and flavorful, and the soup was healthy

Orient8 (French and pan-Asian Cuisine)

By Tibs →
Opened in 2009, Orient8 is the French and pan-Asian restaurant of the 5-star Hotel Mulia, in Senayan. I visited it with a friend in November 2011, and only tried their French food.

Union Brasserie, Bakery & Bar

By Tibs →
  Opened at the beginning of July 2011, Union is the most happening bar in Jakarta at the time of writing. The owners are also behind Loewy and Cork and Screw , and they haven't changed their concept: Union has a retro setting, serves expensive "chic" food (but with average taste) and its atmosphere is both cosmopolitan and busy. The best thing about it is actually its location, with a view on the Plaza Senayan Courtyard, which I find quite unique in Jakarta: I visited on a Thursday afternoon, and it was so full that we had to wait about 10 minutes to get a table. The waiter was friendly, but visibly overwhelmed and still new to the job, which is normal only a few days after opening. The menu has something for everyone: Burgers (one of them with foie gras, yuk!), pastas, grilled meat, asian favourites, etc... Nothing very original. The prices are quite high: On average, a meal will cost you around Rp150,000k without drinks.