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The Swillhouse - R&B and Hip Hop Bar - Jakarta

By Jakarta100bars →
H&S Swillhouse is a hip-hop and R&B club that replaces Hide and Seek , in Fairgrounds SCBD. In the same complex, you also have popular venues such as Fable , Lucy in The Sky and The Pallas . I visited on a Friday night around 1AM. I was warned at the entrance that all the tables were occupied and that I could only stand at the bar. I was fine with it so I went inside, free of charge. The design is as minimalist as it can be. It is basically just a mid-size rectangular room with concrete walls and floors, neon lighting and sofas on the side. Positioned at the entrance, the bar is quite large and it wasn't too crowded. On the contrary, the narrow dance floor was packed all the way from the bar area up to the DJ booth. It was almost impossible to move, let alone dance. Something particularly annoying was that there is only one toilet at the back which is quite difficult to reach. While the music in Hide and Seek was often electronic/techno, the Swillhouse is f

Fable Club @ Fairgrounds (Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Fable is a new club opened in Fairgrounds (ex-Bengkel). Perfectly located in the center of the city and with an underground vibe, it has the potential of becoming a favourite of Jakarta nightlife.  They've already had some interesting events in the past few weeks, with soul & hip-hop music as the main genre. February, a reader of this blog sent me this interesting review that I'm sharing with you (Thanks to her!): "I went to Fable on a Friday night. After reading the comment on this blog, I was prepared for the hostess to be rude and dress up to the nine. To my surprise, they were very nice and friendly and what entrance. I recommend the club goers to come after midnight because that’s when the party started. The music is mainstream R&B and hip hop. A little bit cheesy but the ambience is really nice: hardwood floors, sunroof top ceilings and cosy outdoor area. It is definitely the place to go for those who like the friendly crowd of

Blowfish Bar & Nightclub Jakarta + Puro Ristorante (Wisma Mulia, Gatot Subroto)

By The Jakarta Team →
Blowfish is one of the most popular club among the Jakarta elite, with Dragonfly and now Immigrant , and a classic of Jakarta's nightlife. Lots of Chinese people, some expats as well, and many beautiful girls with expensive dresses and perfect hair. It's glam until 3am, then everybody is drunk. It seems most people don't really go to Blowfish to have fun, but rather to be seen, a glass of Champagne (mixed with Sprite to make it more sweet) in the hand. The music is good though, usually Rnb and on weekends it's always crowded. The club has foreign DJs regularly, and good ones, making it a very happening night club. Apart from the bar and the club, there is an excellent italian restaurant , Puro, with a modern but expensive Italian menu.. It is owned by Ismaya group, who's also behind Dragonfly, Sushigroove, Social House and the future Ministry of Sound Jakarta . You can check their website for all events related to this nightlife spots: Ismaya Group Indonesia

X2-Equinox-Diagonale-Ego Lounge (Plaza Senayan) - CLOSED

By The Jakarta Team →
Update 2018: X2 is now closed. They will reopen shortly with a new name and new concept. Check their Instagram for more information: This review about X2 was updated in July 2011: The X2 club is South Jakarta's biggest night club complex, featuring in the same building one restaurant and four different party areas, each with a different theme and a different music. To me it is a more acceptable version of Kota’s big one-stop entertainment nightclubs, without the naughty side, but with the very same all-in-one concept and the same appeal among Indonesians. It is owned by the Lifestyle Unlimited Group, also the owner of the clubs Vertigo and X-Lounge (now closed), of the karaoke X-KTV, and of the restaurants Shabu Tei and Charcoal.