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Cork & Screw Restaurant and Bar (Wisma Kodel, Rasuna Said)

By The Jakarta Team →
Cork & Screw is one of the most popular lounges and restaurants in Jakarta. There are currently two locations in the city, one in Wisma Kodel, and a smaller one in Plaza Indonesia. Though their food is very average for the price, they are trendy places to have a drink, in particular wines. They have a large collection of bottles coming from Vin+ shops, most of them around Rp300k/400k. That's about twice as expensive as in Europe but unfortunately, this is the norm in Jakarta. Overall, I do not recommend Cork & Screw for eating, but you can share a bottle of wine with a few friends.  It is quite busy so you may also want to book your table.

Liquid Exchange Bar and Restaurant Jakarta

By Tibs →
Liquid Exchange is a long, elegant bar and restaurant located in the new Jakarta mall Epicentrum Walk. Owned by the group behind Aphrodite , it is in my opinion more upscale, and targets primarily expatriates and executives living in Taman Rasuna. It is not packed, but never empty, and I think it will get even more popular over time. The main originality of Liquid Exchange is that the prices of cocktails may change, just like stocks do on a regular stock exchange. It is amusing, even though you never get incredible discounts. Practical Information: Open from 10am to midnight everyday.

Pizza e Birra Restaurant

By The Jakarta Team →
Pizza e Birra, owned by the Ismaya group , is re-inventing the wheel and proposes you an alcoholic version of Pizza Hut. The name is self-explanatory: Pizza e Birra has mostly pizzas (+ appetizers & soups) and beers (all kind, among which some fruit-flavoured) in its menu. The quality of the food is better than in any fast food but it’s far from being great cuisine. The beers, except for a few names are those that can be found in any other restaurant or bar. A good reason to go there is for the live music band on Friday and Saturday, and for the Beer Pong tournament that takes places once in a while. The big drawback is that of course, it is very expensive. I’m always amazed to see with how much confidence the Ismaya Group manages to transform everything it touches into something funky & modern. I would never have bet that eating junk food with Bintang, in a Muslim country, could ever be seen a hot thing to do. My opinion is that Pizza e Birra is a marketing concept that targe


By Tibs →
SushiGroove restaurants are usually located in malls and target young executives and students. They do not serve excellent food and it's expensive, but the place is usually busy and fun for hanging out. Their menu is creative, the setting is funky and the service friendly: Is it worth paying the premium? I think that SushiGroove is fine for a short meal on the way to the movie, but for anything more serious (especially a date), it is too similar to an expensive fast-food and should be avoided. Oh and by the way, in case you didn't guess, the food is Japanese, mostly sushis. Opening hours: Every day from 11am to 10pm.