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Patong Nightlife (Phuket) - Best Bars and Nightclubs

By Tibs →
Phuket is one of the most renowned nightlife destinations in Thailand. It has a frenetic party scene, yet most of its bars and nightclubs are concentrated in the 1-km long street of  Bangla  (or Walking Street) in the beach town of Patong. Nightlife in Patong is rather male-oriented with your typical agogo dancers, bar fines, freelance prostitutes, naughty massage parlors and ladyboys . It is a (paid) sex paradise that acts like a magnet for single males from all over the World. While Russians are the main nationality, you also have hordes of Northern Europeans (UK, Germany, Scandinavia), Asians, Australians, Americans, Indians and Arabs. There are also thousands of foreigners who retired in Phuket or started their own businesses (restaurants, bars, tours, etc). But Patong also attracts "normal" tourists, including families, couples and backpackers. They come mostly for the beach, but you can see them walking on Bangla street at night. They are just curious and n

Phuket Nightlife: 9 Best Nightclubs in Patong

By Tibs →
I just spent a few days days in Patong beach  writing a detailed Phuket nightlife guide . This smaller article is a ranking of the 9 best nightclubs in Patong. All of them are located along Bangla street (also referred to as Walking Street), which makes club-hopping very easy and fun. If you start early and finish late, you can do all of them in one night easily (and you'll still have time for a few gogo bars and live music pubs). At the end of the review, I give more general advice about clubbing in Patong: Prices, dress code, safety, where to meet girls, the best hotels near the nightlife, etc... SeekingArrangement is the #1 Sugar Baby Dating Site in the World - Click to Join Free! Top Nightclubs in Patong