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Pattaya Nightlife - Nightclubs, Bars, Gogos, Hotels (Updated)

By Tibs →
2 hours from Bangkok, the resort town of Pattaya boasts one of the naughtiest and craziest nightlife in the world. There are literally thousands of entertainment venues in the city, mostly beer bars, gogo bars, massage parlors and nightclubs. And they all have one thing in common: Prostitution. The whole town is just one massive red-light district spanning over 10 kilometers where most of the human beings you'll meet are either paying for sex or making money from sex. I say "most" because there is a cleaner side to Pattaya as well. Blending with sex tourists and hookers, some families and couples come to enjoy a normal holiday by the beach, seemingly unbothered by the surroundings. This is not the side of Pattaya I will write about here. I only went to Pattaya for a total of 4 night, meaning I only scratched the surface of its nightlife. The idea of the article below is not to be as complete as possible, but simply to give you a quick summary of the best area