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Best Bars and Nightclubs in SCBD - Pacific Place Jakarta (2023)

By Tibs →
SCBD is the most happening nightlife area in Jakarta at the moment. This is where you will find the hippest bars and clubs, especially those that are popular with young (and rich) Indonesians in their early twenties. The main reason for this success is its central location, combined with the presence of high-class malls (Pacific Place, ASHTA), prestigious offices (banks and financial institutions especially), luxury apartments, and 5-star hotels ( Ritz-Carlton  or Alila). It is also near Senopati, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Jakarta, which is another vibrant nightlife area. The best thing about partying in SCBD is that you can easily go from one place to another, sometimes just on foot. This allows you to experience different bars and nightclubs in just one evening, with minimal effort. Note: For a selection of the best hotels to stay nearby, click here:  Best Deals on Hotels in SCBD