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Online Gambling is Booming in Indonesia

By Tibs →
Gambling is officially illegal in Indonesia, in part due to religious reasons. The ban is strictly enforced, so it is almost impossible to find a casino unless you are highly connected. For instance, last year, a casino inside Robinson Apartment in West Jakarta  was opened but it could operate for only three days before the police busted it.  91 of the 133 persons inside were named as suspects and they are now facing up to 10 years in jail. Despite such severity, many Indonesians still love gambling. The richest will fly to Singapore, to Malaysia, or to Macau for that, but for most of them, the easiest way to bet money is to use online gambling sites. While there are some international websites, they are often blocked by the government and they can't be used without a VPN. They also rarely use Indonesian debit cards. For this reason, dozens of local gambling sites have been opened. Mewahbet , one of the most famous, has several mirror sites to hide from the

The Best Restaurants for Dim Sum in Jakarta

By Tibs →
In this post, I will give some recommendations about the best places to eat Dim Sum in Jakarta. Since the offer is plentiful, I made small categories to help you choose which restaurant is the one for you: The "Top 5": The following restaurants are generally regarded as serving the best Dim Sum in Jakarta:  1) Ah Yat Abalone in Golden Boutique Hotel Angkasa (Tel: +62-21 6220 2388) and in Mid Plaza 2 (Tel: +62-21 570 7333) with non-halal available. 2) May Star (Halal) in Central Park Mall LG (Tel: +62-21 5698 5422), in Gandaria City GF (+62-21 2905 2922), in Hotel Le Grandeur Mangga Dua ( Tel: +62-21 612 7880), in Mall Pluit Emporium (Tel: +62-21 6667 6280). The ones in Pluit and Mangga Dua have non halal available. 3) Samudra Seafood Restaurant in BRI Tower, Jl. Sudirman (Tel: +62 21 571 3600) and in Living World (Alam Sutera)

The Best Indian Restaurants in Jakarta

By Tibs →
Indian restaurants are relatively easy to find in Jakarta, and their overall quality is decent. The most authentic and cheapest options are usually located where the Indian community lives (mainly in Sunter and Pasar Baru), while in the the Center and in the South, where expatriates live, you have some more expensive and stylish restaurants.  Here is my list of Jakarta's best Indian restaurants, by category: - Indian restaurants with both excellent food and atmosphere (Fine Dining): 1) Kinara (Kemang Raya No. 78-B, Phone number: +62 21-719 2677) 2) Hazara (click to read my review on this blog) 3) Ganesha Ek Sanskriti (BRI II Building, Jl Jend Sudirman Kav 44-46., Phone number: +62-21 5719415 / 5713567) 4) Ganesha Ek Sanskriti (Kemang Square Lt 2, Jl Kemang Raya No 5., Phone number: +62-21 7196837).

Top German & Dutch Restaurants in Jakarta

By Tibs →
After ranking the best Italian , French and Arab restaurants in Jakarta, I have a much easier task listing German and Dutch food in Jakarta. Let me know if I forgot one, but the only ones I can think of are: Paulaner Brauhaus (click to read my review) Die Stube (click to read my review) Imbiss Stube (Cilandak Town Square) - Same owner as Die Stube , Patrick Widjaja, born and raised in Germany.  Metro Sky Garden , owned by Andreas Stokowy, from Germany. Ya Udah (click to read my review), owned by a Swiss from Zurich The Tavern in Aryaduta Hotel

Italian Restaurants in Jakarta

By Tibs →
There is a wide range of Italian restaurants in Jakarta, from fast-food pizza chains to fine dining options. I have tried, or heard of, the majority of the good places in Jakarta, and I hope this page will help you decide where you will find your favourite Italian food in the city.   Among the chains of restaurants, there are two names that are above the competition: Izzi Pizza and Pizza Marzano . The last one is actually a British brand, but they make thin crust pizza and they have a whole Italian menu. In none of these venues you will eat authentic Italian, but they have fair standards when it comes to quality and service. They can be found a bit everywhere, more specifically in malls, and the average price for a pizza is Rp80,000 and Rp60,000 for a plate of pasta. In the same price range, I advise you to try Pepenero and Trattoria , two favourites among Jakarta expats. Without sacrificing taste, they offer excellent value dishes in a quite authentic atmosphere. If you ar

Street Food In Jakarta

By Tibs →
I have to feel very ambitious today to write an article in this blog about street food in Jakarta. It's pretty much like planning to write about French cheeses in 500 words: Too much information, too little time... So I won't aim to be exhaustive, but only give a short overview of the street foods in Jakarta. A huge majority of Indonesian never set foot in a restaurant, and even a meal in a Rumah Makan (basic eatery) is not always common. However, eating in street stalls, because it is very cheap, can be considered almost as common as eating at home. In fact, you will see in Jakarta's smallest streets that a woman cooking at home may sell some of her dishes, while buying another dish to someone's other house.

Is Jakarta Dangerous?

By Tibs →
Many people ask me if Jakarta is a dangerous city or not. I tend to think that it is very safe because after living four years here, I’ve never had a problem except for a few very minor annoyances. But bad things happened to other people and I want to be as fair as possible in order to give you an objective point of you on whether Jakarta is a dangerous city or not. Danger is not limited to robbery or crime. To be complete, here is a list of the 10 dangers you may face while staying or living in Jakarta as an expat or foreigner. I also write an estimation of the level of risk. If you are going to Jakarta without a travel insurance, you should read the following: Choosing Your Travel Insurance in Indonesia . Safety on the road: High I think that your biggest threat while being in Jakarta will be dealing with motorized vehicles, whether your are walking, in a car, or in a motorcycle. If you take the taxi for instance, you will notice cars don’t have a safety belt in the back.

Playing Pool in Jakarta (Billiard)

By The Jakarta Team →
Jakarta, like many other metropolises in Asia, is in love with the game of pool. A great thing is that it is popular with both expats and locals so it will also be a great way to meet Indonesians. The most popular venues are equipped with the latest equipment and charge competitive prices (around Rp. 50,000 per hour). The number of nightspots featuring pool tables is very large, ranging from a single table in a Jalan Jaksa bar to some huge pool halls. You will notice that some pool halls feel just like nightclubs, with really loud music played by a resident DJ or even live bands. In other places, you may be able to choose an accompanying lady that will play with you and entertain you, just like another girl might do in a karaoke joint. Even though gambling is strictly prohibited in Indonesia, local people will often spice up the game by making bets. There is a game that involves cards which is pretty fun to play but cost me a lot of money… Be careful because Indonesians are reall