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DJ's Bar (Nightclub in Yangon - Myanmar)

By Jakarta100bars →
DJ's Bar is a nightclub located next to Inya Bar in the Inya Lake Hotel complex (Yangon). It is quite far from the more touristic downtown area (15 minutes by taxi at night). It has an entrance fee of 10,000MMK (with a beer or spirits) and it stays open from 10PM until 4AM every day. Its crowd is more international compared with Inya Bar, and there are also much more prostitutes (in fact, I'm not sure there are any normal girls who go there). It is split in three different sections: → A small beer garden at the entrance with just a few tables and a giant screen (to watch sports). → A bar with a 40-pax capacity where most of the working girls are staying. They are not shy and they'll try to make eye contact as soon as you enter. → A medium-sized club, quite dark, and not so busy. The DJs play Top 40 remixes that you can also hear in the bar. The air-con was freezing so I didn't stay there for more than 5 minutes.