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Why Porn Websites are Blocked in Saudi Arabia (And How to Unblock Them)

By Jakarta100bars →
If you've tried to access a porn website while in Saudi Arabia, you've probably seen an error message that looks like this one: There is a special agency within the government of Saudi Arabia whose task is to track down any website with pornographic or erotic content. Even something very mild may be flagged and added to the "forbidden" list. Porn websites are not the only ones blocked by the government. Any website with "haram" content such as homosexuality, bestiality, nudity, vulgarity, drugs, or gambling will be impossible to reach in the country. The block will also affect websites that promote atheism, hate speech, and of course those who are opposed to the Saudi monarchy. In total, there are millions of websites that are blocked, which can be annoying for someone who is traveling to the country for a short period of time.