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Barbacoa - Latin American Grill - Bali

By Jakarta100bars →
Barbacoa is one of Seminyak's buzzing spots in 2014. It is a Latin-American themed restaurant located on Jalan Petitenget, in front of the Fave Hotel Umalas and Sardine. It has a large air-conditioned main room with a bar, and an outside area with rice field views. When I visited, it was busy with people who seemed to be for the most part chic and trendy. Typical Seminyak crowd.

La Sal Spanish Restaurant (Bali)

By Jakarta100bars →
La Sal is a Spanish restaurant located on Jalan Drupadi, in Seminyak, Bali. It is owned by two men from Spain/Argentina: Lino De Zordo in the kitchen and Gonzalo Sanchez to manage the operations. You should have a good chance to see them around talking to customers.  The restaurant is rather large, partially in the open-air, with a bar area in the corner inside. There is nothing really special about the design but it is neat. It would be nicer if it was smaller I think, with less tables. The current look is similar to a canteen, with the same tables lining up one after another. La Sal serves Tapas and South American-style meat grilled on the barbecue they have in the garden. I had several Tapas and a soup. The Mushrooms, the Boiled Octopus and the Gazpacho were very good, but the Lamb Skewers were quite hard to chew. The prices are on the higher end: A full meal should cost you around Rp300,000-Rp500,000 without wine. I thought it was a bit too much considering my overa

Taco Beach Mexican Food Bali

By Jakarta100bars →
Taco Beach is a popular, warung-like Mexican restaurant located on Jalan Kunti in Seminyak, near Rolling Fork . It is very small and almost always crowded. They cater mostly to expats or people familiar with Bali, serving good value-for-money food in a fun atmosphere. They were once the number one restaurant in Seminyak on Trip Advisor. Their menu has all Mexican food classics, and also some more original fusion dishes, made using typical recipes from Indonesia. I had their famous Babi Guling Tacos (Grilled Pork Balinese Style), which I enjoyed without being too impressed. It was only 5US$ so I wasn't expecting more anyway. Babi Guling Tacos Overall : Taco Beach is a good place to have inexpensive Mexican food in Bali, among others (Taco Casa, Taco Local, Motel Mexicola, La Calaca). If you go for dinner, you may not get the best service (or you may not even get a table) as it is packed. It is better during the day when the waiters have more time and you don't feel

Motel Mexicola (Bali)

By Nyoman →
The Hype is there, in this place of Seminyak... You feel it as soon as you get in this Restaurant & Bar. First you have the decoration: How to describe it ? The owner of the place, Australian Adrian Reed, tried to imitate a 1960's Acapulco ambiance (in Mexico), with images of Mexican Wrestlers and "Dia de Muertos", the Mexican Holiday. It is very colorful and very impressive at first sight. When you look closely at it, it is mostly an accumulation of old objects, weird paintings on the wall and other decoration that doesn't make any sense. The people who are going to this place are 90% tourists and expats. That is the case for all the hype venues in Seminyak. Basically all the people who stay in Potato Head Beach Club during daytime are coming to this place after Beach/Pool time. The music is good and the place hosts many events since they have a stage in the middle of the Bar. I like to go there for a drink since the place is very open. Pricewis

La Favela (Bali)

By Jakarta100bars →
La Favela is one of the trendy bars and restaurants in Seminyak. It was opened by the same team behind the very popular La Plancha and the defunct La Barca (closed for administrative reasons). I believe they owe their success to 3 key factors: - Great design with an attention paid to every single details. The atmosphere they create is always unique and it is worth having a look even if you are not a party-goer. - Strategic location in the heart of Seminyak - A huge network among the expat community that enables them to organize happening parties just by posting a word on facebook.

Casa Espana (Bali, relocated from Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Casa Espana is a Spanish restaurant located on Jalan Kunti in Seminyak, not far from Taco Beach or Rolling Fork . It was opened in mid-2014 by the same people who brought us Casa Espana in Kemang, Jakarta. The branch there  had a fine dining concept and was more expensive. It recently closed down after their rent in the Piccadilly building doubled. The owner told me they had the ambition to open again a fine dining Spanish restaurant in Bali, but they were still scouting for the best location. Casa Espana in Jalan Kunti is a less ambitious project with a very limited menu. It has just a few tapas, some paella dishes and 4 main courses:  As I didn't want tapas or paella, my choice was limited. I went for the Tenderloin with Vegetables and Fries (Rp160,000) and the Gazpacho (Rp45,000) as an appetizer. Both were excellent, and with a real Spanish authentic taste. It is not surprising as the Chef and the Manager are both Spanish. I did think it was a bit expensive thou

La Finca Spanish Restaurant (Bali)

By Jakarta100bars →
La Finca is a Spanish restaurant located near Batu Belig beach, between Seminyak and Canggu. It is owned by Thomas Mack, a young, mix German-Chinese man who previously lived in Ibiza. The Mediterranean island seemed to have been a big influence in the making of La Finca.  Nestled in a spacious open-air area and surrounded by rice fields, it is relaxing and laid-back. It is also quite romantic if you come in the evening. Hopefully there won't be too many developments around so that it retains its peaceful rural charm... I visited on a Sunday afternoon and it was not too busy... The menu is rather short: It features a variety of Tapas, Sandwiches, Hamburgers and Salads. They also have "Carne a la Piedra" = Beef that you can cook yourself on a hot stone.