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Zona Café - Nighclub - Makassar

By Tibs →
Zona is one of the most famous nightclubs in Makassar. It is located on the seafront next to Swiss-Belhotel (Rp500,000/night) and walking distance from the city's top attractions like Fort Rotterdam and Losari Beach (and also the red-light district on Jalan Nusantara). Two more recommended guest-friendly hotels nearby are the Aston (Rp600,000/night) or Whiz Prime (Rp250,000/night). Zona Café is surprisingly quite modern even though it was opened 7 years ago already. It features giant LCD screens, a laser show, a good sound system and even some pyro. It is not so big (maybe 400 people capacity) with 2 VIP sofa space at the entrance and on the side. I like that their bar is in the middle of the room so even if you are alone you can still chat with some other people.