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Macau Nightlife: Guide to Nightclubs, Bars, and Saunas

By Tibs →
Macau nightlife is not very interesting for the young traveler. If you are expecting to party like in Las Vegas, you will be disappointed: There are actually very few nightclubs and bars, and you rarely have famous guest DJs or performers. Macau is really focused on hardcore gambling, with a rather large high-end prostitution scene. That makes it a popular destination for sex tourists, mostly from mainland China, but it's not really my thing. Therefore, I was happy to spend only a couple of days there before heading back to Hong Kong, which is way more fun. During my two days, I had enough time to explore all the nightlife spots around, except the famous Macau saunas (a local friend told me everything about them for this review). The following article will give you a quick overview of what I  learned  during my trip. If you have more questions about partying in Macau, please just leave me a comment below. Where to Stay in Macau Near the Nightlife The NAPE Zon