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Mekar Club and Karaoke (Lombok)

By Jakarta100bars →
Mekar is a local one-stop entertainment center with a club (with live music), a bar, a karaoke, a restaurant, a billiard center, and a tourist shop. It attracts almost exclusively either Indonesian tourists or Lombok residents as the live bands play Indonesian songs and the DJs mix "funky techno house". Drug use is very likely. Foreigners might be interested by the sexy dancers and the lady companions from the karaoke. The prices are rather cheap: A bottle of Finlandia vodka will cost you only Rp600,000 before midnight for instance (Rp750,000 after that).

Loligo Club, Karaoke and Hotel (Senggigi - Batu Layar)

By Jakarta100bars →
Loligo is a new nightclub, karaoke and hotel that opened in Senggigi in July 2016. It is more modern than the average for Lombok standards, yet until now it isn't very crowded nor happening. They have live music and DJs every day starting 9pm until closing time. You can check their Facebook below for events as they may have sexy dancers or famous guest DJs/bands (Indonesian). As they are trying to fill up the place, they are doing rather interesting promotion deals: The entry is free and you can get a vodka bottle for less than Rp600,000. A cocktail will cost you about Rp90,000 net. Be careful, there is also a Loligo Spa (which is a plus plus spa actually) but it is in a different location in Senggigi and with a different owner.

Sahara Nightclub & KTV (Senggigi - Lombok)

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Sahara Nightclub is one of the oldest and popular nightlife venues in Senggigi. Designed with an Egyptian theme, it consists of a main room with DJs and live band, a mezzanine, a restaurant called Pizza House and a karaoke. The live band plays everyday before midnight, mostly Top 40 and pop/rock songs. The DJs mix Western music (Hip-Hip, EDM or Trap). They have famous Indonesian artists almost weekly on Saturday, for instance DJ P. Joana or DJ Angger Dimas recently.

Citra Executive Club & Karaoke (Senggigi - Lombok)

By Jakarta100bars →
Citra Executive Club & KTV is a famous local party spot in Batu Layar in the Southern coast of Senggigi (Lombok). Though not located directly in the city center, it is quite popular because of their girls, their events and the availability of drugs. The main hall features a live band everyday that sings Indonesian and American Top 40 hits. Once it stops, it is replaced by a DJ, most often a girl, who plays fast "funky house" techno music (I'll let you google it if you are not familiar with it). On weekends, you can expect sexy dancers and more famous artists from Jakarta (singers or DJs). There are lady companions available to drink or sing with you in the karaoke rooms: