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H Club (Jakarta)

By Tibs →
While driving in SCBD, you've probably seen a massive new building, just behind Electronic City, with the logo "The H Club". It just popped up in late May 2023 and it's hard to miss, especially at night, with its modern design and bright neons. Biggest Nightclub in Jakarta The H Club is actually the biggest nightclub in Jakarta, and possibly in the whole of Asia. Sprawling on 7000m2, it can accommodate more than 2,000 party-goers on its massive dance floor. It is the flagship property of the HW group, which is also the owner of multiple other nightclubs all over Indonesia (including the very famous Atlas in Bali ). It is even more impressive inside than outside. It has a rounded shape with a 10-meter high ceiling and several huge chandeliers. Both the sound and lighting system are top-notch, on the level of the best nightclubs in the world. The special effects are really spectacular, using fire, smoke, lasers, pulsing lights, and LCD screens to change the atmosphere o