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The Grill (Korean BBQ Restaurant)

By Tibs →
The Grill is a Korean BBQ restaurant in Midplaza, probably one of the best of its kind in Jakarta. It is similar with Gahyo which I tried on the same day (by coincidence). I preferred The Grill, because there is more choice on the menu and the dishes are more affordable. It also looks more stylish and contemporary. We had two dishes: Ishiyaki Tofu Chige (Rp50++) and the recommended Bibimpap (Rp45++). Ishiyaki Tofu Chige (Rp50++)

Kahyangan (Shabu-Shabu Restaurant)

By Tibs →
  Kahyangan has to be one of the most expensive Asian restaurants in Jakarta. It is part of Pullman Hotel, near the Hotel Indonesia roundabout. I read a few reviews on internet about this place, but I imagine the journalists didn't actually pay for their meals. If you eat there for free, it is a great place indeed. You have an incredible view over Jakarta, attentive staff (though they can be pushy to make you order more) and stylish design. Bring a date here and she should be really impressed.