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Ampera (Sundanese restaurants)

By Tibs →
Ampera is the largest chain of Sundanese food restaurants in Indonesia, with so many branches that it would be hard to list them all. I tried the one in Jalan Agus Salim (Sabang), near Sarinah.

Melly's Garden (Jakarta)

By The Jakarta Team →
Melly's Garden is a very popular hangout spot near Jalan Jaksa. If you are a tourist staying in the area, it is a much better choice than most of the bars located in the famous backpacker street. It is quite crowded on most nights, and the waiters may not visit your table before a moment so be patient... They have all kind of cheap snacks and food. You should stick to the local dishes, they taste much better than any of the western ones. There are some foreigners, but the majority of the patrons are young Indonesians. Overall: Recommended for the atmosphere, the open-air and the prices. Better for drinking than for eating. Advice: Bring mosquito repellent! Opening Hours: From 11am until 3AM, everyday Address: Melly's Garden has changed location. It is now Jalan Kebon Sirih Timur Dalam No 37-39 Central Jakarta Phone number: 021 91275753

Ocha & Bella (Menteng)

By Tibs →
Ocha & Bella is a restaurant in Morrissey Hotel (ex-Citadines) which opened in March 2011. I didn't try the food there yet, only the cocktails, so I will keep this blog review short. For me, Ocha & Bella is one of the most charming modern-design restaurant in Jakarta. Its designer, Willis Kusuma, is also behind Social House and Pesto , but it reminds me even more of Maja House in Bandung. Ocha & Bella has a different vibe whether you sit near the bar, in the open-air garden, or in the main dining room. For this reason, I think it is suitable for any occasions: Dates, late drinks with colleagues, hang-out, or even solo.

Warung Desa (Jakarta)

By Tibs →
Warung Desa is a restaurant chain with two locations in Jakarta. The first branch, the only one I visited, is in Jalan Agus Salim (ex-Sabang) while the second, more recent, is in Tebet. They serve mainly Indonesian food, with some Chinese, Western and Arabian dishes as well. The design is rather modern and the inside is clean, with air-con. It is a big step-up for the usual "Rumah Makan", even though the prices are only slightly higher. The nasi goreng for instance costs only Rp12,000++, and the mie ayam Rp12,000++.

Ya Udah Bistro (Near Jaksa)

By The Jakarta Team →
Ya Udah bistro used to be one of the only reasons (the other one being girls) some of Jakarta's finest expats ever set foot in Jalan Jaksa. Indeed, the food there was really something worth spending a few hours in a cab... The place closed for a while and reopened in a new location, only a few hundred meters from where the previous place was, on Jalan Johar. (that is: when you are at the end of Jaksa, instead of turning right to Sarinah, in Jalan Wahid Hasyim, turn on the left and you will see YaUdah, all in yellow). Yaudah bistro is mostly german food with some indonesian specialties (nasi goreng, noodles, etc). Expect big portions, even for the starters. It is not that cheap, about 80,000rp for a good meal with drinks, but it is well worth it, and maybe one of the best value for money in town. Open every day from 8am to 12pm (2am on friday and saturday)