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Golden Palace and Jambi Nightlife (Sumatra)

By Tibs →
Since there isn't much nightlife in Jambi, I thought I would write mostly about Golden Palace, its most famous nightclub, and just mention a few other options for the adventurous party-goers. Golden Palace is the only proper clubbing option I found in Jambi, though I guess it is not very interesting for foreigners. It is your typical Indonesian live music venue, rectangle-shaped, with high tables on the dance floor and a mezzanine. The band finishes at midnight and it is then replaced by a DJ playing funky house techno. If you are lucky, you might be in Jambi during a special event (check Golden Palace's social media accounts below). In that case, though the entrance fee may increase to Rp100,000, you will have a full house and possibly more Western music.

New Grand Club, Hotel and Spa (Jambi)

By Tibs →
Located inside the  Grand Hotel  , New Grand Club and Executive KTV is the second most popular nightclub in Jambi after Golden Palace .