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Surabaya Nightlife: Best Nightclubs, Bars and Spas

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I have always enjoyed Surabaya nightlife even though the options for nightclubs and bars are limited and somewhat provincial. 3 million people live there, making it the second largest city in Indonesia. Compared to Jakarta, it still feels laid-back and unsophisticated. The streets are rather clean, you can walk on the sidewalks and the traffic is not horrible. There are several modern malls, but none of them as chic as Plaza Indonesia or even Grand Indonesia. Few expats live in Surabaya and even fewer tourists visit it. As a result, you may get more attention than usual from the people. If you are a single guy, it is nice to see girls smiling at you in the streets or in the malls. On Tinder and other  dating apps , expect to become quite popular. Meeting a normal girl is fairly easy in certain clubs and bars like Desperados, Jimmy's, Eclectic or Colors Pub. In other venues, you may have either a lot of "lady companions" or just younger girls who are part

Golden Palace and Jambi Nightlife (Sumatra)

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Since there isn't much nightlife in Jambi, I thought I would write mostly about Golden Palace, its most famous nightclub, and just mention a few other options for the adventurous party-goers. Golden Palace is the only proper clubbing option I found in Jambi, though I guess it is not very interesting for foreigners. It is your typical Indonesian live music venue, rectangle-shaped, with high tables on the dance floor and a mezzanine. The band finishes at midnight and it is then replaced by a DJ playing funky house techno. If you are lucky, you might be in Jambi during a special event (check Golden Palace's social media accounts below). In that case, though the entrance fee may increase to Rp100,000, you will have a full house and possibly more Western music/sexy dancers.

Jember Nightlife: E-Club

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Jember nightlife is very quiet as you could imagine. The only decent nightclub I could find is E-Club which is located about 1,5km from the city center (I was staying in Aston Jember ). It is a small venue with a 200 pax capacity. Nothing luxurious there, just the walls, a stage, a bar and high tables on the dance floor. Entry was free but some busy nights it can reach Rp50,000. The crowd was mostly made of guys, not particularly dressed up for the occasion. There were less than 10 girls. A band was playing a mix of Indonesian and famous English songs. After midnight, it stopped and was replaced by a DJ (house music).

Palembang Nightlife: 7 Best Nightclubs

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Palembang is the second largest city in Sumatra after Medan . It does not receive a lot of foreign visitors apart from Malaysians and Singaporeans. As with most provincial towns in Indonesia, you'll remark the following features when partying in Palembang: - Most clubbers are males who either take drugs, get hammered drunk or look for paid sex - The music program management consist of selecting pretty singers or pretty DJs, regardless of their skills - The concept of a dance floor is non-existent. Instead, you have high tables that are available if you take at least a bottle (or less when the club isn't crowded) - If you are hoping to meet a girl in a Palembang club, your chances are slim as most girls are either working (as GROs/LCs) or the girlfriends of the other guys - Alcohol is always expensive, even in lower-end places. If you go somewhere with abnormally cheap alcohol, you're probably drinking methanol. - The police does occasional "razzias" o

Semarang Nightlife: Best Bars, Clubs, Karaokes and Spas

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Semarang is the 5th largest city in Indonesia with almost 2 millions inhabitants. Yet, its nightlife is not very developed apart from a few male-oriented bars, clubs, karaokes and spas. As a friend from Semarang told me, the problem is that most young people fall into one of these categories: - They are single but they still live with parents - They are conservative or not interested with clubbing - They married young and already have kids - They left Semarang for Jakarta, Surabaya or Bali - They cannot afford partying In the end, the few people you see in clubs are Indo-Chinese men/local businessmen/government employees (all of them with their escorts/LCs), some Indonesians on business trips or traveling, very few expats and occasionally, students.

Bali Nightlife 2016

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As South Bali is becoming more crowded and more urban, its nightlife has somewhat improved. It is still much less interesting that Jakarta nightlife , but if you come to Bali for the weekend you will certainly enjoy it. Most things haven't changed for many years so you can also read my previous  Bali Nightlife review  from 2013. Here are my top recommendations for partying in Bali in 2014/2015: Skydome in Skygarden Kuta

Bandung Nightlife: Best Bars and Nightclubs (Updated 2016)

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UPDATE 2016: The new hotspots for Bandung nightlife are the following venues: MOX Club , Shelter , Southbank  and Sobbers . Bandung  nightlife is just as interesting as the nightlife in   Bali  or  Jakarta : - Jakarta  is a gigantic city, with a lot of wealthy locals and expatriates. Its nightlife tends to be chic and sophisticated, with hundreds of venues competing to get the spotlight.

Medan Nightlife: Top 5 Nightclubs & Bars

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I spent a few nights in Medan in April 2015, unfortunately on weekdays only. I had the opportunity to try a few clubs there but most weren't too busy and I imagine it is more lively on weekends. If you need to book a hotel in Medan, I recommend Grand Delta Hotel , which belongs to the Delta Spa group. As you would expect, Medan is far from being a party town. It is more conservative than many other Indonesian cities and there are also very few tourists. Most foreigners living there are Singaporean and Malaysian businessmen with a small community of expat english teachers. As I wrote on the review  Spa and Massage Parlours in Medan , the police is active in controlling nightlife activities, in particular when it comes to drugs. Last February, the Lee Garden club was shut down after ecstasy pills were found ( Diskotik Lee Garden Tutup ). In spite of this, recreative drugs do not seem difficult to find and clubs such as Tobasa, XXX3 or Retrospective are know

12 DJs I Want to See in Jakarta in 2016

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If there is any club owner/manager reading this website, please invite one of the following DJs/Musicians to play in Jakarta :-) Full playlist and more available here: Playlist Jakarta100bars 2016 Gui Boratto Stephan Bodzin Extrawelt Recondite

Jakarta Nightlife in 2015

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Update: You can now read my Jakarta nightlife 2017 review . Jakarta nightlife has been a bit disappointing recently. After living over 10 years in Jakarta, 2015 is so far my worst year in the city when it comes to party. In this review, I will update you on the nightlife scene in Jakarta as of 2015 and the 6 reasons I was disappointed. Read also:  Saigon Nightlife 2015 - Bandung Nightlife - Bali Nightlife - Batam Nightlife  - Jakarta Nightlife 2016 Explained in 500 Words If you need a hotel close to the best nightlife spots, I recommend one of the following near Plaza Indonesia:  Kempinski ,  Grand Hyatt ,  Pullman Thamrin  or  Mandarin Oriental .  Shangri La  and the  Mulia  are good also because they have lively bars. Cheaper options are  Novotel Gajah Mada ,  Mercure Sabang ,  All Seasons Gajah Mada ,  All Seasons Thamrin  and  Holiday Inn Thamrin . Read more here on my Jakarta Hotel Guide .

Top Spa and Massage Parlours in Medan

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This review is about the best spas and massage parlours in Medan. If you want to read about the best bars and clubs, please read the following review: Medan Nightlife . Medan is a conservative city. I feel it is also much more religious than Java in particular. There are so few foreigners in town that if you are white, people will look at you as if you were an alien. I didn't feel really comfortable there to be frankly speaking. Whenever I was walking around in the city, I could hear derogatory comments or racist slurs such as "idiot bule".  Unsurprisingly, massage parlours and spas in Medan are quite discreet. From what I read in the news, several of them have been shut down or raided by the police in the past couple years. To my knowledge, these include Glamour Spa, Escape Spa, D'Blues Spa, Dream Spa and Grand Winner Spa. The last three were apparently shut down in November 2014. Diamond Spa as well was raided and since then, they have changed their co

Kalijodo: Visiting The Largest Red Light District in Jakarta

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I had heard of Kalijodo a few times before, in particular through emails from readers of . It is famous for being the largest red light district in Jakarta and also a center for illegal gambling. It is located near Best Western Hariston Hotel, in Grogol, along the Ciliwung River. If you are on the toll road coming from the airport to the city center, you can actually spot it: There are maybe a hundred bars, discos and cafés lighted up with bright neon signs and with large advertising for Panther Stout or Bali Hai beers. Kalijodo street from the opposite river bank I visited a few days ago. It had been raining all day and the traffic near Taman Anggrek was horrible. Since we were stuck, I asked the taxi driver if he could bring me there to have a look. He went to Kalijodo following Jalan Pesing street, which is lined up with ladyboys (waria) and further away, with street girls. The location is just in front of the nightclub MW. Indonesian Ladyboy (W

Bali Nightlife Vs. Jakarta Nightlife: Which one is the Best?

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Note on February 2013 - This article about Bali nightlife is a little old now, you can read my 2013 update here: Bali Nightlife Update 2013  and my 2014 update: Bali Nighlife Tips . A few people asked me how partying in Bali compared to Jakarta. They intended to spend some time in both and they wanted to know in which place they would have the best parties. I'm not a specialist of Bali nightlife, but I've been there enough times to have an opinion. If you think you know better, please comment. Partying in Bali can be done almost exclusively in a tiny area that goes from Kuta-Legian to Seminyak. In Kuta, the crowd is dominated by young Australians in T-shirt and shorts as well as tourists from all over the world. It is what I could call holiday partying: In any given nightclubs, you will find a whole bunch of people who just happen to be on holidays in the same spot; they aren't always regular clubbers and do not have a lot of expectations except getting drunks, hea

Preparing a Party Weekend in Jakarta?

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Don't worry, you are not alone! Every Friday, the expats in Jakarta try to leave their work early, hoping they can beat the traffic and arrive at the airport on time to enjoy a week-end in Bali or Singapore, away from the pollution. News September 2015: I wrote a guide to organize a bachelor party in Jakarta with updated information. On the same day, on the contrary, another crowd of people, expats and locals from nearby Asian countries actually choose to spend their weekend in Jakarta. These people have one thing in mind: To enjoy the great atmosphere of the nightlife in our city! Many of them write us because they don’t feel as safe in Jakarta as in KL, Singapore, or even Bangkok. Forums on the internet are full of stories about scams, tourist traps, annoyances and even terrorism that it makes sense to have people scared. We, at Jakarta100bars, cannot tolerate that! But since we cannot pick up each of you at the airport, we decided to write this little guide. We hope