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Blu Martini (JW Marriott)

By The Jakarta Team →
Blu Martini is the stylish bar of the 5-star Marriott. It is non-happening, and most customers are guests from the hotel. Not a ton of hookers like in BATS or CJ's , but still a few, plus some older women who might be looking for gigolos. Live jazzy music playing from Monday to Saturday. Overall : I've been to Blu Martini once only, on a Thursday for Ladies Night. It was so quiet that we didn't stay more than 10 minutes. Not worth it if you don't stay in Marriott. Rather expensive, but as long as you're there, you should try one of their 88 kinds of martinis. Opening hours: From noon to 1am everyday.

Burgundy Bar & Lounge & Live Jazz Music (Hyatt Hotel Jakarta)

By The Jakarta Team →
Expensive drinks (Beer = Rp 60k), but classy bar with live music everyday (including Jazz ) and businessmen talking. Not a hotspot of Jakarta nightlife and rather quiet, it attracts the capital's most upmarket crowd. Definitely not a girls' bar comparing with BATS in Shangri La hotel or CJs bar in Hotel Mulia, but unexpected meetings are not impossible since some rich, older indonesian women come here. There are a few working girls as well that always hang out in Burgundy and I suppose they are up for grab. Awesome view on Plaza Indonesia, making the experience quite enjoyable.

CJ's Bar and Club (Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jalan Asia-Afrika)

By The Jakarta Team →
CJ's is the bar of the  Mulia Hotel , with mostly expats, prostitutes and business travelers. No entrance fee but you have to buy a first drink, more than Rp150,000 for the cheapest drink, beer. The bar underwent renovation a few years ago, and became a bit more classy than it used too. Kind of Red Square -esque, but "normal girls" don't really go there as they do in Red Square . There is always a good band playing top 40 songs, with a DJs taking its turn during the breaks. I like to go there regardless of the bar girls scene because there's always quite a crowd and it's very lively, even during the week. You can check its facebook fan page here for events: CJ's Jakarta

Grand Manhattan Hotel Bar (Hotel Borobudur)

By The Jakarta Team →
The bar in the Hotel Borobudur. It's mostly a place with Indonesian people. The live band will play a mix of international and local songs everyday from Monday to Saturday night. I find it a bit dark but I love the retro decoration (i don't think they did it on purpose though), much nicer than a lot of more modern places in Jakarta. "Has a good live band on Friday evening and a very friendly atmosphere, mix of chinese, hotel customers, prostitutes, Indonesians and expats. Sometimes empty, sometimes full. Bar as surprising as unpredictable". Review from SZ. Grand Manhattan Club Hotel Borobudur Jakarta

Kudus Bar Jakarta (The Sultan Hotel, ex-Hilton, Jalan Sudirman)

By The Jakarta Team →
Nice classy wine bar, popular with businessmen, expats and wealthy locals. The decor is inspired by the town of Kudus, in Central Java, to make its interior Jakarta's first "Javanese wine lounge". The beautiful furniture and artefacts gives Kudus an elegant feel, without being too pompous. You also have an interesting selection of live music, from jazz to acoustic, every day from 8pm to midnight (you can check the schedule here: Sultan Jakarta Kudus Bar ). Kudus is quite expensive, but you have some interesting discounts if you come during the happy hours, from 5pm to 8pm, with 30% off on beers and soft drinks and 15% off on wines.

Tempus - Salsa Club and Bar (Ex- Mistere in Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan)

By The Jakarta Team →
The Live Music room in Mistere Update 2013: The new name of Mistere is Tempus.

MO Bar (Mandarin Oriental Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
A relatively new-comer in the Jakarta nightlife scene , MO Bar has become quite popular for its ladies' night on Tuesday, especially with the few single expat women living in the city* (Update June 2015: There is no more Ladies Night in MO). MO bar is not very big but it is elegant. It looks quite similar with the bar in Hyatt, Burgundy , for its cozy and dim-lighted atmosphere. But I prefer Burgundy because from there you have an incredible view over Jakarta.

Oak Room (Hotel Nikko Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Oak Room is quaint lounge located inside Nikko Hotel. I went there to have a quick drink after eating in the Olive Tree restaurant, and even though I would not come back, I thought it was a nice place to relax. Since the bar is quite small, almost all the sofas were taken on that evening. I guess most clients are Nikko Hotel guests since there isn't anything special to make anybody else visit. Some pop music in the background, a lot of cigarette smoke, free magazines/books, old furniture, that's about all for the atmosphere.