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Sydney 2000 Disco and Executive Club (Plaza Glodok Jaya 9th Floor) CLOSED

By The Jakarta Team →
Another seedy, huge one-stop entertainment in Kota, with pumping Techno Kota, girls and complete obscurity. I call it the "ectasy factory".

Top Ten Singing Hall (Hayam Wuruk, one street before Stadium)

By The Jakarta Team →
Apparently the defecation of the Top One Club in Daan Mogot. There is a large room with a live band playing Indonesian favorites, many prostitutes. Top Ten Singing Hall is located on the street just behind Stadium club. No mention of it on the internet so I could not find the address...

Top Yammie (Noodle and Bubur)

By Jakarta100bars →
Top Yammie is a Chinese restaurant on Jalan Labu. While it is far from being the best on that street, it is easily the most recognizable, with its bright, distinctive facade. I was attracted to it like a mosquito to a lamp, thinking I had found something incredible, but I was rather disappointed.

V2 bar, karaoke and sexy dancers (Jakarta' Jl Gadja Madah, 500 meters before Gadja Madah Plaza)

By The Jakarta Team →