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Max 3 Nightclub (Hanoi)

By Jakarta100bars →
Max 3 is a Viet nightclub in Hanoi located in the tourist district of Hoàn Kiếm. It is about 200 meters from Civilize , another club that I visited on the same night. I preferred Max 3 as it is newer and more crowded. It is inside a small room with a high ceiling and a mezzanine (VIP). In the center, there is a podium on which sexy dancers will perform several times every night. Standing tables are arranged all around it while VIP sofas can be found in the corners. They must have spent a small fortune in lighting and pyrotechnic equipment, and they do like to use it as much as they can. The sound level is almost unbearable and I advise you to bring earplugs (I had some and it was still too noisy). The music is Vietnamese EDM, which is actually pretty cool (but very repetitive). The DJ was a sexy girl, and there are 2 more pretty girls next to her (as a decoration I presume). A MC will cheer up the crowd between each song and on special occasion, they also have singer

Hero Nightclub (Hanoi)

By Jakarta100bars →
Hero is a popular nightclub in Hanoi for both foreigners and Vietnamese. It usually get crowded after midnight, when most bars in the Old Quarter close down, and it remains busy until closing time at 3AM (after that, you can try your luck in the late night bar Tom's ). Hero is located in the West Lake area so you'll need a short taxi/Uber ride to reach it. Some taxis may take you there for free as they get paid by the club. The entrance is free but the drinks are more expensive than average. It remains reasonable though (VND60,000 for a beer, VND80,000 for spirits, VND50,000 for laughing gas balloon). Many Vietnamese will buy a bottle (starting VND1,000,000) and share it with a group of friends at a table, with a shisha and a fruit platter. The club is rather large, with a high-ceiling and a mezzanine. The design is not remarkable but I like the set-up as it is easy to meet people (long bar, some narrow spaces). The DJ booth is large, elevated, with a

Civilize Nightclub (Hanoi)

By Jakarta100bars →
Civilize is one of the numerous Viet-style nightclubs in Hanoi . It was the closest one from my hotel so I went inside for a quick look. It is a mid-sized upmarket venue with a 200 to 300 pax capacity and all the typical features of a local club: Gorgeous hostesses, VIP bottle service, sexy dancers, gigantic fruit platters, deafening Vietnamese EDM (a mix of techno and Top 40 remixes) and a lot of shishas. It is designed to accommodate small groups so avoid it if you are alone. Since it is near from the Hoàn Kiếm District, it could be convenient for tourists yet almost all the customers are Vietnamese between 25 and 35. Dress code is strict: Women should wear skirts and heels, guys should wear pants/shoes. Overall : Typical luxury Vietnamese club. It does not have anything special compared with the competition though so I only recommend to visit it if it is near from your hotel.

F Club (Hanoi)

By Jakarta100bars →
F Club is a nightclub in Hanoi , just 200 meters from Hero . It has opened very recently and I actually visited it on its grand opening night. It belongs to the OFA group which is also behind the luxurious OFA Lounge in Saigon .