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Savage Nightclub (Hanoi) - Techno Music

By Tibs →
Savage is my favorite nightclub in Hanoi (by far). Located 15 minutes by taxi from the Old Quarter, in West Lake, it is just a few months old yet already crowded every night (with mostly expats). It was opened by the Hong-Kong-based Cliché Record label which is owned by a group of 4 French friends (Jean-François Amadei, Samy Stouky, Ouissam Mokretar, and Julie Mira). Savage is quite difficult to find as their outside sign is almost invisible. In fact, I had to look around for 10 minutes before I finally heard some music coming from a basement. As I was walking down the stairs, I was still unsure if I was in a club or in someone's house.

Hero Nightclub (Hanoi)

By Tibs →
Hero is a popular nightclub in Hanoi for both foreigners and Vietnamese. It usually get crowded after midnight, when most bars in the Old Quarter close down, and it remains busy until closing time at 3AM (after that, you can try your luck in the late-night bar Tom's). Hero is located in the West Lake area so you'll need a short taxi/Uber ride to reach it. Some taxis may take you there for free as they get paid by the club. The entrance is free but the drinks are more expensive than the average. It remains reasonable though (VND60,000 for a beer, VND80,000 for spirits, VND50,000 for a laughing gas balloon). Many Vietnamese will buy a bottle (starting VND1,000,000) and share it with a group of friends at a table, with a shisha and a fruit platter. The club is rather large, with a high ceiling and a mezzanine. The design is not remarkable but I like the set-up as it is easy to meet people (long bar, some narrow spaces). The DJ booth is large, elevated, w

Fame Nightclub (Hanoi) - Sexy Dancers

By Tibs →
Fame Nightclub is one of the best Viet-style nightclubs I visited in Hanoi (and I went to almost all of them). It is located in the city center (Hoàn Kiếm District). As usual for Hanoi, there is no entrance fee to pay. The club is on two floors, with a VIP area upstairs and regular tables downstairs. It has a modern design, with a particularly great LCD display behind the stage. The latter is elevated and spacious, allowing for proper live music performances and shows. Every night, they have sexy dancers who can actually dance a choreography. That's almost unheard of elsewhere in Asia (it reminded me of the  clubs in Taipei ). Some of the dancers are Viet and some are Ukrainians.

1900 Le Theatre (Nightclub - Hanoi)

By Tibs →
1900 Le Theatre is a bar/nightclub located in the Old Quarter in Hanoi, more precisely in the action-packed Tạ Hiện Street. It is in the center of Hanoi nightlife , and unsurprisingly it gets crowded every day of the week by both young Vietnamese (75%, mostly students) and foreigners (25%, mostly tourists). It is my favorite club in this area but it closes early at 1AM (by 00.30AM they'll already stop selling drinks). You can go around 11PM, after drinking from the cheaper pubs nearby. The entrance is free on most nights but if there is a special event you'll have to pay around VND250,000. Drinks are more expensive than average: VND80,000 for a beer and VND120,000 for cocktail/liquor. It is worth it in my opinion. 1900 Le Theatre is a chic, Burlesque-themed venue, with a perfect set-up for events. This is logical as it used to be a theater during the French colonization.  The main point of focus is the elevated stage where DJs and live bands pe