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Halo Niko (Greek Restaurant Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Halo Niko is the second Greek Restaurant I try this week in Jakarta. It is a very homey place, owned by a mixed couple Indonesian/Greek. The decoration is not Greek though, it looks like a cute warung with an outdoor and an indoor area. There music was a CD of oldies songs, which unfortunately I heard 3 times in a row... Their menu is large, featuring all the famous dishes of Greek Cuisine with some Javanese ones. I was not so hungry so I only tried their Greek Salad (70,000rp ++). It was good but it had too many capers and seasoning. The one I had the day before in El Greco was better in my opinion (and slighty cheaper).

El Greco Greek Restaurant Jakarta

By Jakarta100bars →
El Greco is a Greek restaurant located in Setiabudi One building on Jalan Rasuna Said. I was surprised to find such a restaurant there, as it stands out from the other typical chain café/restaurants in malls (Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Solaria, etc...). The owner/chef is a Greek Expat, Panos, who came to our table after a few minutes only to give some tips and recommendations. We had a Greek Salad (60,000 rp) and a dish with Baked Lamb and Potatoes (I forgot the greek name: 95,000rp). Both were satisfactory, even though the potatoes had a lot of pepper. I could not eat more but I would love to come back to try some other dishes, especially the gyros, the tabouleh and the Greek yoghurt. Overall : Recommended for a lunch if you are in Setiabudi One. It is not fine dining but cozy, friendly and affordable. Another plus for me is that Greek restaurants serve healthy food in general, which is hard to find in Jakarta.

Yamas Greek Restaurant Jakarta

By Unknown →
Yamas is one of the few Greek Restaurant in Jakarta to my knowledge. It is located Jalan Prapanca. I haven't been there yet but a reliable friend told me he was disappointed with the food. Other options for Greek cuisine in Jakarta include: El Greco, Hola Niko and Cuadrillo. Yamas Greek Restaurant Jakarta Jl. Prapanca Raya No. 37 C Kemang, Jakarta