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LIYEN Chinese Restaurant - Jakarta

By Tibs →
Liyen is an authentic Chinese restaurant located in Kota. It is not very far from the Bank Mandiri Museum, maybe 3 minutes by foot. They specialize in Hakka cuisine (from Southeast China), with some recommended dishes like the Salted Chicked, the Grilled Duck, or the Fried Prawn with Salted Egg.

The Sexy Pool at 1001 Hotel

By Tibs →
The Pool @1001 is a new concept developed by the Alexis Group . It is located in the same building as Colosseum nightclub . Only male clients are allowed in the pool area, where you have sexy dancers and bikini shows by swimsuit hostesses. You can watch them from private cabanas and you can also invite them to spend time with you. It is not a totally new concept as it already exists in Malioboro . The only difference is that in those places, you will see the girls only once or twice at certain times, on certain days. The Pool @ 1001 promises almost non-stop performances and activities.

Colosseum Club (1001 Hotel)

By Tibs →
Colosseum Club used to be called K7 and is now managed by the same group behind Alexis hotel and Emporium Spa. Colosseum is actually the relocation of 1001, which closed in 2012 and was replaced by Illigals...  I visited the club for the after-party of the State of Trance Tour. It is an excellent club in terms of design, lighting, sound. The crowd was rather upmarket and mixed (foreigners/Indonesians), most of them standing in groups around tables. The dancefloor is pretty small and people are not really mingling with each other. Music is generally house/EDM, with some famous DJs occasionally. The entrance fee is around IDR200,000.   Colosseum Club Jakarta (1001) Jl. Kunir No.7 Jakarta, Indonesia 11110 Phone number: 0822-7000-1001 Open on Friday and Saturday until 4am Instagram:

Chasio Garing ACC (Chinese Restaurant)

By Tibs →
I came all the way from Sudirman to Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta, in Glodok, because I was told this street had some of the best Chinese street food stalls and warungs in Jakarta. When I arrived, it was already late but some venues were still crowded. I chose one of them, Chasio Garing Acc, for a simple reason: They had air-conditioning. It turned out their unit was not functioning very well, so I had a chance to sweat a little, and also to get a few mosquito bites. There isn't much to say about the inside as it looks like any typical warung: 4 walls with kitschy ornaments and posters, basic chairs and tables, and uncertain hygiene. I had eaten the best Grilled Duck ever a week earlier in Liyen , and the one in Chasio Garing Acc was quite disappointing. Since it is twice as cheap in the latter, there wasn't much to expect anyway. I also tried the Beef Kwetiaw: The ingredients were not very fresh and the meat low quality. I only had a few bites and couldn't

Café Batavia (Taman Fatahillah, Kota)

By The Jakarta Team →
Cafe Batavia is a classy, distinguished bar, in one of the most beautiful colonial buildings of Jakarta. A must-do for any tourists or newly arrived expats, it should also provide you with a good opportunity to visit Kota Tua, the historical center of Jakarta. Nearby buildings include Old Batavia's Townhall and the VOC Governor office which can all be reached by foot. The area is currently being renovated as the government has finally come to realize its cultural importance and, though not much has been done yet, a stroll around the (polluted) canal back to the Stasiun Kota is something I really enjoy. For those who are bold enough, I advise you to make a stop in Stadium on the way back, as a way to enjoy another monument of Jakarta!