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Getting Around in Jakarta in 2019

By The Jakarta Team →
What is the best way to get around in Jakarta? There is a wide range of transportation in Jakarta, each of them answering to different needs. There is not one best way to get around, but different options that you have to know to make the best choice when going from point A to point B. Since there is a lack of common mass transportation (there is a lot of them actually but it's a huge mess and packed to the max), you will end up paying a lot for your transport in Jakarta if you have a lot of road to make.

Jakarta Party Bus: Best Way to Enjoy Jakarta Nightlife with Big Groups

By Jakarta100bars →
If you are planning to party in Jakarta with a group (starting 6 people), you should spend some time considering your transportation options. Clubs in Jakarta are rather far from each other and you'll most likely need to spend a couple hours in traffic to go from one point to another. Until a few years ago, what I was doing with friends was to rent a minivan for the weekend, load it with beers and music, and go from one place to the other with it. It is not that practical if you are more than 6 or 7 though and it is not perfect in terms of facilities (no fridge) and music (poor speakers).

Why Are Ojeks More Expensive Than Taxis?

By Jakarta100bars →
  Update 2016: This review has become completely irrelevant with the development of applications like GoJek, Grab and Uber! I keep it here though if you want to understand what was life like before those apps came: I had an argument this morning with the ojek driver (moto taxis in Jakarta) who works outside of my residence. I was planning to go to Pacific Place Mall, just one kilometer away. This normally takes about 5 minutes and with a taxi it costs less than 10,000rp. The ojek's starting price was 30,000rp, which is crazy, and after much talking he gave me a last price of 20,000rp. I tried to bargain harder but I felt I didn't have the upper hand. I gave up and I took a taxi (for which I paid a sweet 8,000rp). This experience made me wonder: How can a taxi be cheaper than an ojek? This is not the first time it happens. On average, I would say it is more expensive to go around with ojek or bajaj than by taxi in Jakarta.