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Red Square (Senayan Arcadia) - CLOSED

By The Jakarta Team →
Update: Red Square in Senayan Arcadia is currently CLOSED. The management has re-opened in Panin Tower (see Red Square Jakarta 2016 ). Meanwhile, some of the previous owners have opened a new bar called Revolution in Lotte Avenue Mall (Ciputra World). Red Square is one of the most popular bars in Jakarta for foreigners, and for many, it is the only place they go to for party in the city. Extremely busy on Friday and Saturday, it is so crowded that it is best to book a private table if you want to avoid suffocation. On other nights, it varies a lot: Thursday can be quite good, but from Sunday to Wednesday, it is empty the more often. If you are a single, male expat looking to score with "normal" girls, this might be the most easy spot in Jakarta. Most girls aren't prostitutes (but more and more are), yet they are hunting foreigners with a lot of energy. This is probably why Red Square is so famous and popular. The other reasons could be the sexy dancers on special

Absolute Café and Pool Bar (Jalan Jaksa)

By The Jakarta Team →
Absolute is one of the only bar in Jaksa with air-con. Lots of English teachers and journalists, and also some girls from Jaksa. Free pool table, darts, cheap beer, Premier League Soccer games on screen and always quite crowded by the same group of people. Nice.

BATS (Hotel Shangri-La)

By The Jakarta Team →
An all-time favourite of Jakarta's nightlife, BATS is the bar of the  Shangri-La Hotel  in Jakarta. It is the equivalent of BRIX in Grand Hyatt in Singapore .  It is very, very popular among expatriates, especially those who are already married. Easy to know why, considering the number of pretty, sexy girls . But the place isn't just about finding a partner. You can have a lot of fun partying there, because you will easily meet people in a relaxed atmostsphere.

BFC Café and outdoor restaurant - pool bar - (Jalan Jaksa street backpacker Jakarta)

By The Jakarta Team →
Outdoor cafe/bar in Jalan Jaksa, the street where you can find cheap hotels in Jakarta, with live music sometimes. Prices are very reasonable and there is a happy mix of foreigners and indonesians. Nice to drink a beer and talk to backpackers.

Burgundy Bar & Lounge & Live Jazz Music (Hyatt Hotel Jakarta)

By The Jakarta Team →
Expensive drinks (Beer = Rp 60k), but classy bar with live music everyday (including Jazz ) and businessmen talking. Not a hotspot of Jakarta nightlife and rather quiet, it attracts the capital's most upmarket crowd. Definitely not a girls' bar comparing with BATS in Shangri La hotel or CJs bar in Hotel Mulia, but unexpected meetings are not impossible since some rich, older indonesian women come here. There are a few working girls as well that always hang out in Burgundy and I suppose they are up for grab. Awesome view on Plaza Indonesia, making the experience quite enjoyable.

Café De Burse (Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Café De Burse is the latest bar opened by Bartele, probably Jakarta's most famous expatriate. He is also the owner of Eastern Promise , De Hooi , Cazbar , and One Tree . De Burse is different from his other venues, though the concept remains similar: It is a restaurant and bar with an international menu, friendly and cute waitresses, and a regular schedule of events and promos. So far, it is still quiet, probably because the location is only busy during working hours. I had a caipirinha (Rp68k) and I was disappointed as they used ice cubes instead of crushed ice. But it is common in Indonesia so it wasn't a big deal. I didn't order any food, but considering what I had in his other venues, you can expect good-value for money, even with western dishes. An average meal will cost you less than Rp80k, and a pint of Bintang Rp53k, including taxes.

Cazbar (Mega Kuningan)

By The Jakarta Team →
Cazbar is one of Jakarta's most popular expat hangout (you can also check  Aphrodite and  Eastern Promise ). If you are a newcomer in the city, above your thirties, you may want to try going there to meet other people. There are also quite many indonesians, among which some ladies probably interested in a long-term relationship (no prostitutes). The food is not healthy but it tastes OK and served generously. Upstairs of Cazbar, there is a area dedicated to sports watching, with mainly (each time I go there), English Premier League + Rugby. The bar also have free wifi and some imported newspaper titles among the most famous.

Cheers Sportsbar Karawaci & Cikarang

By The Jakarta Team →
Cheers Restaurants & Bars are two expat hangouts with a focus on value for money and friendliness. They are not on the map of the usual party-goer because of their locations, but if you happen to be an expat living in those areas, you should drop by to enjoy decent food, fun atmosphere and live music on week-ends. Facilities include free pool table and big screen TV with mostly sport on it. Quite many girls there too.. Cheers Café Cikarang Lippo Cikarang