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Kitchenette (Jakarta)

By The Jakarta Team →
Kitchenette is a restaurant and hang-out spot owned by the Ismaya Group ( Dragonfly, Blowfish , Social House) . Unsurprisingly, it is very crowded, mostly with Indonesians, and probably the busiest venue in Plaza Indonesia: Jakartans love that kind of concept, with as much attention paid to the marketing and design than to the food. Kitchenette looks cute and fun, and it seems designed to surprise clients from the moment they seat until they finish their meal. It is also great for people-watching as it it near the entrance of the mall.

Marutama Ramen (Casual Japanese Food)

By Jakarta100bars →
Marutama Ra-men is a Japanese casual restaurant, with 4 locations in Jakarta. I visited the one in eX Plaza Indonesia, just in front of the XXI cinemas. They have two main specialties: Ramen (Japanese noodle) and Nabe (Japanese hot pot). We took the Nabe, a soup with vegetables (Rp35,000++) to which you can add various items. In our case, we ordered a Chicken (Rp24,000++), Fish ball (Rp18,000++), Tofu (Rp9,000++) and Cabbage (Rp9,000) supplement. As you can see, the price of your meal may vary from simple to triple depending on your appetite. On average though, you shouldn't pay more than Rp100,000, and I think that's enough for two persons. Marutaman Nabe Overall: I rarely go to Japanese restaurants so it's difficult for me to assess how a dish tastes in comparison with the authentic version. Yet, I've read many mixed-to-positive reviews about this place, and both my friend and I enjoyed our meal: The ingredients were fresh and flavorful, and the soup was healthy

Pancious Pancake House

By Jakarta100bars →
Pancious is a popular chain of restaurants specializing in pancakes and waffles, with also some main course dishes such as pasta, steaks and burgers. They are all located in malls, including the one I tried in Plaza Indonesia. While the setting is unimpressive and dull, my first positive impression came from the friendly waiters, who welcomed me with smiles and took the time to chat. I ordered a cheese burger (Rp44,000++), a strawberry juice (Rp26,000++), and the regular pancakes (Rp26,000++). I was pleasantly surprised with all my food, which tasted good and was moderately priced (for a mall). The juice was made of real fruits, the pancakes were similar to what I had before in the US, and the ingredients of the burger were all fresh and fair quality. Cheeseburger (Rp44,500++) Overall : I was very satisfied with my experience in Pancious. It's not the place for a romantic dinner, but for a snack or an informal meal with friends, it is perfect. Opening hours: Everyday from 10am