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Fashion Pasta (Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
  Fashion Pasta is a famous Italian restaurant in Bandung, and they opened their first franchise restaurant in Jakarta in the middle of 2011. The owner is Italian, but the management and the cook for the Jakarta branch are Indonesian. Located in Citywalk Sudirman, it is easily one of the best restaurant in this mall , and I predict it will expand soon to other venues. The menu, the quality of the food and the prices are very similar to that of Trattoria or PEPeNERO . The main difference I found is that the interior design of Fashion Pasta is cozier and more modern. In that sense, it looks like Sopra , in Pacific Place (much less expensive though). We tried the following dishes:

Apero Lounge & Restaurant (Citywalk Sudirman)

By Jakarta100bars →
Apero is a small lounge and restaurant (Italian food mostly) located in Citywalk Sudirman. The lounge is cozy and intimate, without being too fancy. It is worth trying if you are staying nearby  because they have a large selection of affordable drinks and wine (one draught bintang is Rp30k++). Concerning the restaurant, I tried two dishes from their kitchen and I was not satisfied. We had the Pizza with Beef Pepperoni (Rp40k++), which had almost no taste, and the Salmon de Paris (Rp65k++). The fish did not seem so fresh and the pasta was dry. Here are some pictures: Beef Pepperoni Pizza (Rp40k++)

Warung Leko (Indonesian food)

By Jakarta100bars →
Warung Leko is a chain of Indonesian food restaurants similar with Warung Tekko , previously reviewed on this blog. For me, there is no real difference between the two, but people always say one of them is there favourite, just as they would say Pepsi is better than Coke. They specialize in Iga Bakar and Iga Penyet (Grilled ribs and Smashed ribs with spicy sauce). They have other items on the menu, all the usual Indonesian favourites, but most customers go for the ribs only.