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Le Seminyak Balinese Restaurant (Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Seminyak is a Balinese restaurant located on Jalan Cipete Raya, not far from Tapas Movida. The place is clean, big and comfortable, with a big parking. It seemed popular with Indonesians in particular, especially girls doing " Arisan ". The waiters are wearing a Balinese uniform, the music is Balinese, and most dishes are Balinese. Their signature dish is the Grilled Fish, Jimbaran-Style. I tried the Grilled Duck (Bebek Goreng) for 87,800++Rp. The duck was OK, but I was very disappointed with the sambal which was not spicy at all. I had the same kind of duck a day earlier in Pak Slamet Warung and it was much much better (even though cheaper). Overall : Seminyak is one of the rare restaurants in Jakarta with a Balinese menu. I recommend it if you are looking for a clean, well-decorated place for a lunch or dinner in Cipete area. The WIFI was pretty fast (up to 250kb/second). Le Seminyak Balinese Restaurant Jakarta Cipete Raya 3, Jakarta (it used to be in Pacific

Tapas Movida (Spanish Restaurant Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
  Tapas Movida is a Spanish restaurant with 2 locations in Jakarta, in Cipete Raya and Cilandak Town Square (Citos). I tried only the branch in Cipete where the food was decent and reasonably priced. I liked their booths, very comfortable and intimate. The music was a selection of songs that could be on a Buddha Bar playlist: Lounge, electronic, chill, etc... Very enjoyable. Tapas Movida was not very crowded but it was the middle of the afternoon. At night, it is usually busy with expatriates living in the area. Overall : Recommended if you live in Cipete for good-value Spanish food in a cozy atmosphere. Suitable for dates too. The Wifi in Tapas Movida was fast (up to 400kb/sec). Opening Hours: From 10am to 11pm, every day in Cipete. From 10am to 10pm in Citos. Phone number: +62-21 7510 851 Email:

Abuba Steak Restaurants

By Jakarta100bars →
Abuba Steak sounded to me like Abuja Steak, the capital of Nigeria, so I had a strong feeling against this restaurant before visiting it... Fortunately, it was a great surprise and a place I recommend to everyone, excluding vegetarians. The outside doesn't look so great and would need some painting. The inside is similar to that of a warung, basic but clean, with some posters of meat ads. You have about 30 tables, and 1/4th of them were taken when I visited. Many people seemed to complain on internet about the smoke of cigarettes, but in the Abuba I visited, in Wahid Hasyim, no smoke at all since there is a private/closed room for smoking. There is also a small musholla for praying in the back... My only concern was that the AC was not functioning very well, so it was a bit hot for eating. Click on the picture to see the menu

Black Canyon Café - Salsa Nights - (Dharmawangsa square)

By The Jakarta Team →
Black Canyon Coffee is a Thai coffee house chain that has over 150 cafés in Siam, and is extending rapidly in the rest of Southeast Asia. I don't know if it is the same in the other Jakarta branches (like the one in Cipete), but in Black Canyon Dharmawangsa, they have quite popular salsa nights on Saturdays. Otherwise, it's a regular bar sitting on a mall. If you only care about partying, no reasons to go there unless for those special Salsa nights. Black Canyon Coffee does not sell alcohol except beer so if you're too shy to dance, do a warm up before. Girls seem a bit desperate to find dance partners in Jakarta, so it's a good opportunity to meet young, smart and independent indonesian ladies.

Boka Buka (French Food, Cipete)

By Jakarta100bars →
  I tried Boka Buka about 10 minutes after I finished eating in Epilogue . Since I almost never go to Cipete, I didn't want to miss an opportunity to try one more French restaurant in Jakarta. Unfortunately, I was full and could not stand a second meal in a row, so I only ate one of their salads (Bokabuka Salad, Rp50k). I was quite disappointed with it because clearly, the quality of the ingredients used was average, in particular the cheese and the beef ham. The sauce was too heavy also, far from what we should expect from a French restaurant. I've seen on other Jakarta food blogs some very positive reviews about Boka Buka though, so maybe I didn't choose the right dish, or maybe I was not hungry enough to appreciate my food. Another explanation for the different perception between my fellow bloggers and me could be the recent change of ownership of the restaurant, from a Frenchman to an Indonesian.

Coquelicot Bistro Restaurant

By Jakarta100bars →
Update December 2011: Coquelicot has changed owner in February 2011! We just revisited it and changed our previous review: If you are craving for a cheese fondue, fresh foie gras, or other traditional French culinary trademarks, look no further, Coquelicot is the place. The atmosphere there has this little something that instantly brought me back to France.

Epilogue (French/Indonesian Restaurant)

By Jakarta100bars →
    Epilogue is a French/Indonesian restaurant opened in mid-2011 by Sandra Djohan, who used to be the head chef of Coquelicot . Since then, she spent some time in Paris to train in the culinary school Le Cordon Bleu, and that's when she came up with the idea for this new venue. Epilogue has many of the features I like when rating a restaurant: It is owned by its chef, it is in an individual house and it is not part of a chain nor part of a hotel. There aren't many places like that in Jakarta unfortunately. The design of Epilogue is quite original as it blends traditional javanese architecture with a French touch (through posters and photographs on the wall). It is not very big, with less than 50 seats available in one single room. The atmosphere is relaxed and cozy, perfect for a romantic dinner. The menu features a mix of French (Snails at Rp45k++, Foie Gras at Rp220k++, Fondue for Rp300k++), Indonesian and Italian dishes (pizzas around Rp55k++). I chose the Duck Confit w

Escargot (French Restaurant) Jakarta

By Jakarta100bars →
Escargot is a very homey restaurants (only 4 or 5 tables) serving traditional French food (the kind of dishes we would eat on Sunday at our grandmother’s place) at very affordable prices. The main dishes cost from Rp30,000 to Rp.80,000 and it is one of the very few places in Jakarta where you can eat snails, boeuf bourguigon, blanquette de veau, etc. Decoration is simple, with posters of Paris, retro music, and friendly staff. Eating there really feels like a family diner… L'Escargot, Café de la Bastille Jl. Abdul Madjid No. 23 Jakarta Selatan, Cipete Phone : +62-21 724 8213 Read about my favourite French restaurants in Jakarta on this blog: Jakarta Restaurants (French) 

Puri Santi Spa Massage (for Girls and Guys)

By Jakarta100bars →
Puri Santi is a "normal spa" with no special (sexual) services from the lady masseuses. Do not even try asking a girl for a plus-plus or you may be asked to leave. In spite of that, Puri Santi is quite popular with expats, especially woman expats. If you are already in couple, you can ask for a couple massage, very expensive at around 150 USD but one of the most romantic massages you can get in Jakarta for two. Services that you can get in Puri Santi include: Body Massage, scrubs, masks, bath therapies, facials, manicure, pedicure, hair salon and waxing. Some prices are quite high but other are ok, in particular all the massages. Puri Santi Spa - Garden of Relaxation