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Jef's Burgers 24-Hour Restaurant Bali

By Jakarta100bars →
Jef's Burger is a small restaurant offering cheap, yet average burgers. The service was very laid-back during my visit. I was barely acknowledged by the waiters when I entered, and it took quite a long time for them to come to me and take my order. They were friendly but it seems like there was no management and that the sinetron on TV was more interesting than what was happening in the main room. If you are easy-going yourself and enjoying your holiday, this homey atmosphere could actually be of some interest to you, but for me it was rather frustrating. Cheese Burger Overall : My impression is that Jef's Burger is a run-down restaurant. It was probably popular a few years back, but with the competition in Bali at the moment (think of Wacko or Swich ), the owners should step up their games if they want to keep existing. This mean improving the service and the quality of their burgers.

Bella Italia Restaurants (Bali)

By Jakarta100bars →
Bella Italia is an authentic Italian restaurant with currently 2 locations in Kuta Bali (Jalan Kartika Plaza and Jalan Poppies II). Both are rather small, with an AC indoor area and an outdoor area. They are simply decorated to look like the kind of typical, casual restaurant that you could certainly find almost everywhere in Italy.  I visited Bella Italia after hearing some good comments from friends who assured me it was one of the best places for Italian food in Kuta. The owner is Italian, and he is on the floor almost every night, hosting and serving guests. I saw a second Italian man helping as well, probably a partner. 

Yut'z Place (Legian, Bali)

By Jakarta100bars →
Yut'z Place is a good value restaurant located between Legian and Seminyak in Bali. It was opened in 2001 by Mimo Habibii who I believe is a Swiss German with Egyptian origins (please correct me if I'm wrong). I found the place by accident and I am glad I did! It looks like any other restaurants from the outside. It is simple, in the open-air, and clean. The great thing about it is the complete, affordable menu. They are particularly famous for their steaks but you can have pretty much anything you could think (Continental and Indonesian food). I had the Giant Healthy Salad (i forgot the price, I think around Rp70,000 Net). It was truly huge and healthy, the best I've had in Bali. The Giant Healthy Salad! The service was really friendly and the waiters will bring you a cold towel and a frozen margarita as a welcome drink. Overall: I will definitely come back to try more items on the menu! The only drawback is the location which is not so easy to find. To