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Millenium Night Club - CLOSED

By The Jakarta Team →
Millenium is a huge nightclub, with a dancefloor the size of a football field. Packed with Chinese, even during the week, you rarely see foreigners inside. The problem is the loud music played, which consists of hard house remixes of famous tunes. I call it "happy house", "Funky house", or "Techno Kota". I don't think spending more than 30 minutes inside is bearable for a foreigner. Fortunately, the club is following the same trend as most clubs in Kota by opening a small lounge with western electro, house, and progressive music. Very good but not famous yet, foreigners are welcome there and I hope it will encourage them to go party in Kota. The next photo was taken inside the new lounge, and as you can see it is very very dark...

Mille's Club - Lokasari - CLOSED

By The Jakarta Team →
Mille's at 3AM on Sunday afternoon... Almost always open, there are two rooms. One huge with Techno Kota and one smaller, more intimate, with very good house music. Most people go there after Stadium so it really starts early in the morning. The second most popular Kota club after Stadium night club I think among foreigners. There is also a 24/7 karaoke upstairs. Contact details Mille's Jakarta Lokasari Plaza Jl.Mangga Besa Raya 81

Pyongyang (North Korean Restaurant) - Jakarta - CLOSED

By Tibs →
  I discovered Pyongyang thanks to a reader's comment on this blog who described the place as the best Korean restaurant in Jakarta. While it may be exaggerated, Pyongyang is still a must-try, off-the-beaten-track dining venue, mainly because this is probably the closest you'll ever get to experience North Korean culture. Pyongyang is not unique to Jakarta: It is a chain of restaurants, operated by the North Korean government, with branches all over Asia. They have been accused of being used for money-laundering, and you cannot help but wonder about the freedom of their imported, North Korean staff (read this Wikipedia article for more information " Pyongyang (restaurant chain) ".

Tanamur Discotheque Jakarta (Tanah Abang Timur) CLOSED

By The Jakarta Team →
The Queen of Disco in Jakarta... Old expats still remember... Was taken down by Stadium... The club opened in 1970 and was in 2004 the oldest western-style disco in Southeast Asia. At the time it opened, there were only one four-star hotel in the city, Hotel Indonesia, which was also the only multi-storey building...

Vertigo/X-lounge - Jakarta - CLOSED

By The Jakarta Team →

Embassy (Bandung) - Renamed MOX Club - CLOSED

By Tibs →
Update 2016: Embassy has changed its name to MOX. Update 2021: Mox has closed. Embassy Bandung is one of the best and most popular night clubs in Bandung. If you knew Embassy Jakarta, the atmosphere is a little bit different inside, with the music being more commercial, and the crowd not as hip. For the music, it depends what day you go there but most of the time, it is electro/progressive, with one commercial hit once in a while (Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, etc..). The crowd is mostly made of locals, students or young executives, mostly males. During the week it will be about half full, but completely full on weekends. Embassy Bandung (Ciwalk) Cihampelas Walk, SL03A Jl. Cihampelas