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Melawai Hotel 5+1, 6th Floor (Blok M nightlife Jakarta) CLOSED

By The Jakarta Team →
Famous massage parlour in  Hotel Melawai I , popular with expats (I swear I never went to this place!!). It is located on its 6th floor and called Maribaya bar. I'm not sure it’s even a bar, more likely a pure bordello. Some reports that a guy spent a whole week in it, without seeing daylight. Maribaya Bar 6th Floor Hotel Melawai I  (35$ per night) South Jakarta

Octagon Karaoke (Blok M)

By Jakarta100bars →
Octagon is an executive karaoke in South Jakarta (Blok M). Executive means it caters to male clients looking for lady companions, unlike family karaokes.  It is a modern KTV, one of the nicest in the area, and it is popular with Japanese, Korean and Indonesian guests. They have about 20 ladies, called Octagon girls, who are not prostitutes but hostesses. What you can do with them varies: Some will only give their phone numbers, others might follow you to your hotel after working hours. They have 4 types of rooms: Deluxe room for 3 to 5 persons Suite room for up to 9 persons Royal karaoke room for up to 12 people VIP room for up to 25 people The cheapest package start at Rp1,000,000 minimum spend for 3 people. VIP package for 15 people is available with a minimum spend of Rp3,000,000.

Koi Mahakam Western Restaurant

By Unknown →
Koi Mahakam is an restaurant located in Blok M, Jalan Mahakam. It serves good value Western food. Please read my review about Koi in Kemang for more details ( Koi ). Koi Mahakam Jl. Mahakam I No. 2 Blok M, Jakarta Opening Hours:

Ds Bar - Gogo dancers & Striptease - (Blok M)

By The Jakarta Team →
Inside DS's secret room Bar with a secret room where girls do strip-tease for 100,000rp. They have wet shirt competition and the patrons can play with water gun. Maybe the most trashy place in the Blok. Update June 2009: Apparently there is no more secret room! However, Europeans, especially French people, will be happy to learn that there is a guy selling good shawarmas just outside Ds... To my knowledge, it's the only turkish kebab in Jakarta.. at least one that looks like those we have in France.

Everest bar and pool (Jakarta Blok M)

By The Jakarta Team →
Everest is a nice bar to grab a beer in Blok M, a very popular nightlife district for expats in Jakarta. No (so many) working girls. There are sporting events on TV every night + Everest has a pool table. Rather cheap.

Highway To Elle Bar - Blok M

By The Jakarta Team →
Randy Travis once sang that he'd 'read tell, the road to hell, was paved with good intentions. ' The Highway to Elle, by way of contrast, is replete with good inventions, like an all night Happy Hour (buy one, get one free) on Thursdays, that starts at 8pm and continues till...well, very late, but this writer's perceptions became unclear after about 11 o'clock on the night of April 1st. An amnesiac state thereafter is mute testimony to one's enjoyment of a night-spot, and the Highway is enjoyable. Run by an Englishman, Darryl Patton, who is usually present and mingles sociably with the guests, whilst ensuring that the delightful barmaids keep the taps turned on, the place opened about three years ago.

Maxi Bar (Blok M) CLOSED

By Jakarta100bars →
Maxi Bar opened in 2010, to replace One Tree bar . It is now owned by a guy from New-Zealand, also behind Maxi Pub in Serpong. Maxi Bar is unsophisticated, and yet with a better hygiene and decoration than most of Jalan Falatehan 's venues. You have about half a dozen waitresses in sexy outfit, very friendly I must say, but unfortunately no customers during my visit (a Wednesday night at 11pm). They also have a brand-new pool table.

My Bar or MyBar (Blok M)

By The Jakarta Team →
Girls bar with house/Rnb music. 10 girls for 1 guy ratio. Come there late and drunk if you want to have fun. It used to be the most popular place on Blok M but now it's not so good. Typical of a Southeast Asia hooker bar. Live music (rock/top 40) on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Sexy bar dancers on Friday and Saturday nights Read the review and see more photos about MyBar (Blok M) on our french blog Crazy Nights In Jakarta. My Bar Jl. Falatehan 1 no. 16, Blok M Phone number: +62-21 739 6510 Email: