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The Best Indian Restaurants in Jakarta

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Indian restaurants are relatively easy to find in Jakarta, and their overall quality is decent. The most authentic and cheapest options are usually located where the Indian community lives (mainly in Sunter and Pasar Baru), while in the the Center and in the South, where expatriates live, you have some more expensive and stylish restaurants.  Here is my list of Jakarta's best Indian restaurants, by category: - Indian restaurants with both excellent food and atmosphere (Fine Dining): 1) Kinara (Kemang Raya No. 78-B, Phone number: +62 21-719 2677) 2) Hazara (click to read my review on this blog) 3) Ganesha Ek Sanskriti (BRI II Building, Jl Jend Sudirman Kav 44-46., Phone number: +62-21 5719415 / 5713567) 4) Ganesha Ek Sanskriti (Kemang Square Lt 2, Jl Kemang Raya No 5., Phone number: +62-21 7196837).

Top German & Dutch Restaurants in Jakarta

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After ranking the best Italian , French and Arab restaurants in Jakarta, I have a much easier task listing German and Dutch food in Jakarta. Let me know if I forgot one, but the only ones I can think of are: Paulaner Brauhaus (click to read my review) Die Stube (click to read my review) Imbiss Stube (Cilandak Town Square) - Same owner as Die Stube , Patrick Widjaja, born and raised in Germany.  Metro Sky Garden , owned by Andreas Stokowy, from Germany. Ya Udah (click to read my review), owned by a Swiss from Zurich The Tavern in Aryaduta Hotel

Top 10 Arab & Middle Eastern Restaurants in Jakarta

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Surprisingly for the capital of the largest Muslim country in the world, the number of Arab or Middle Eastern restaurants in Jakarta is quite low. I've counted about 25 of them, and I've tried 15. It may seems like a lot, but since Jakarta is so spread, you're not likely to have more than just a few near where you live. The good thing is that within these, most of them are decent and affordable. In particular, I advise you to try one of the Yemeni restaurants which offer the best value-for-money and the most authenticity. As of October 2011, here is my Top 10 for my favourite Arab or Middle Eastern restaurants in Jakarta (you can click on the link to read my personal review): 1) Maroush (Morrocan Restaurant) 2) Al Nafoura (Lebanese)

My Favourite French Restaurants in Jakarta

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The overall quality of French restaurants in Jakarta has improved over the past few years, particularly with the openings of Lyon , Amuz and Orient8 . Still, I think the options are limited, and most of the best venues are too expensive: Take the first six restaurants of my list, they will all cost you around Rp1 million for a 3-course meal. Some more affordable options exist, for instance Java Bleu , Le Bistro or Escargot . In those restaurants, the cuisine and the setting remain simple, but it is authentic and you eat well. A full meal in those should cost you less than Rp450,000. At last, you have a third category of French restaurants, in which you have great design and atmosphere, but average food. Among those, Bistro Baron , Loewy or SHY are the most happening. A full meal will cost you almost the same as in fine dining restaurants .

Italian Restaurants in Jakarta

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There is a wide range of Italian restaurants in Jakarta, from fast-food pizza chains to fine dining options. I have tried, or heard of, the majority of the good places in Jakarta, and I hope this page will help you decide where you will find your favourite Italian food in the city.   Among the chains of restaurants, there are two names that are above the competition: Izzi Pizza and Pizza Marzano . The last one is actually a British brand, but they make thin crust pizza and they have a whole Italian menu. In none of these venues you will eat authentic Italian, but they have fair standards when it comes to quality and service. They can be found a bit everywhere, more specifically in malls, and the average price for a pizza is Rp80,000 and Rp60,000 for a plate of pasta. In the same price range, I advise you to try Pepenero and Trattoria , two favourites among Jakarta expats. Without sacrificing taste, they offer excellent value dishes in a quite authentic atmosphere. If you ar