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URBN QC (Quezon City - Metro Manila)

By Jakarta100bars →
URBN opened a new branch in Quezon City in September 2015 (see my review of URBN BGC here). It replaces the 88 SuperClub which closed down a few months earlier. It is one of the best looking nightclubs in Quezon City. As its name suggests, it is a urban club, NY-style, with a main dancefloor and sofas all around. You have a good lighting and sound system too. The crowd is almost exclusively local, between 18 and 25. There are about 25% girls but most of them are with groups. Still, there are a few opportunities for picking up and the atmosphere is friendly. Their current best promo is 6 local beers + 1 bottle of José Cuervo for only 950PHP (less than 20$). On Wednesday, you can also get free drinks if you arrive early (50 first guests).

Cliniq Gastro Bar and Club (Quezon City, Manila)

By Jakarta100bars →
Cliniq Gastrobar is the new name of Space Superclub, one of the most popular nightclubs in Quezon City, Metro Manila. As the prices are lower than average (current promo is 400 PHP for 6 beers), it attracts mostly younger people between 18 and 25, almost 100% local. With a 250 persons capacity, it gets crowded and smokey very easily starting on Thursday night until Saturday. Customers are generally very welcoming and they know how to party hard. It is not rare to see people passing out on the dancefloor from drinking too much. Girls don't hesitate to dance on the podium and it's not too difficult to grab a few girls' phone numbers.

Vanity SuperClub (Quezon City, Manila)

By Jakarta100bars →
Vanity SuperClub is located in Quezon City, Metro Manila. If you are familiar with QC nightlife, you know that in this area, clubs are cheaper than in Makati or The Fort. They also tend to welcome a younger crowd of Filipinos, with only a few expats once in a while. Vanity is not different, but it looks nicer than many other venues in QC. It is middle sized (350 pax capacity), with a main bar in the middle of a square room. It is usually quiet on weekdays but full on Saturdays and Sundays with a very lively party atmosphere.

Prime Upscale Club (Quezon City, Manila)

By Jakarta100bars →
Prime Upscale Club is one of the best nightclubs in Quezon City. From all the party spots I visited there, Prime was the one with the hottest girls, the friendliest people and the most lively atmosphere. It also looks nicer than other clubs in the area (though the word"upscale" is a bit exaggerated). Clubbing in Quezon City is cheaper than in Manila , Makati or BGC and you have a younger crowd of mostly college students. There is no real dress code but I would advise you against dressing like a tourist if you want any chance to flirt with a girl (no short pants and no sandals).

Guilly's Bar and Club (Quezon City, Manila)

By Jakarta100bars →
Guilly's is the oldest nightclub in Quezon City and one of the most popular. It is also one of the biggest and it is open every day including on Sunday. It has a more mature crowd than other nearby venues such as Prime, Cliniq or Vanity . As always in Quezon City, they offer reasonable prices. In particular, from 10pm to midnight on weekdays, you have a promotion on local beers (San Miguel) at 35 PHP while tequila shots only cost 88 PHP. After midnight, the price of spirits is between 150 PHP and 180 PHP and local beer costs around 80 PHP (130 PHP for imported). The entrance is free except on Friday and Saturday when you have a First Drink Charge (from 100 PHP to 300 PHP depending on the event).