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Flamming Spa (Naughty Massage in Kuta) and Level One KTV

By Jakarta100bars →
Flamming Spa is a massage parlour where sexual services are provided. It is located in Kuta Central Park, about 300 meters from Jalan Legian (Bali), on the 3rd floor of Giant. It is in a complex where you can also find Level One Karaoke and the beer lounge LV. Each are filled with prostitutes. Sexy dancers occasionally perform as well.

Bali Nightlife 2016

By Jakarta100bars →
As South Bali is becoming more crowded and more urban, its nightlife has somewhat improved. It is still much less interesting that Jakarta nightlife , but if you come to Bali for the weekend you will certainly enjoy it. Most things haven't changed for many years so you can also read my previous  Bali Nightlife review  from 2013. Here are my top recommendations for partying in Bali in 2014/2015: Skydome in Skygarden Kuta

EC Executive Karaoke (Bali)

By Jakarta100bars →
EC (for Executive Club) is a karaoke part of the group Varuna Entertainment (they have several nightclubs, spas and karaokes in Central Java). Most of their venues target male clients and have prostitutes or lady companions inside. This is the case with EC Bali as well. While girls are not "in your face" prostitutes, you can ask before doing your karaoke session which ones are open-minded or willing to be booked out. Otherwise, it will depend on your luck and negotiation skills. Girls are ranked according to their desirability so expect to pay more if a girl is wilder (and hotter).

Bali Exotique Spa (Renon)

By Jakarta100bars →
Bali Exotique Spa is a massage parlour for men located in Renon, the wealthy area of Denpasar. Relatively new, it is one of the cleanest venues of its type on the island, similar to Riverview Massage. They have various treatments with special "sexual" services. In particular, you can have a threesome for Rp750,000++ (not including tips). Opening Hours: Every day from 11am to 10:00pm (20% discount from 11am to 1pm and from 8pm to 10pm)

Onasis Spa and Massage Parlour (Bali)

By Jakarta100bars →
Onassis Spa is one of the most popular naughty massage parlours in Bali. It is particularly infamous for its naked body to body thai-style massage (also called Soapy or Nuru Massage). It is located a few minutes away from the airport, right across the Immigration office. Surprisingly, it is both a normal spa and a spa with special services. The main entrance welcomes usual tourists, often Chinese on tours, and the back entrance welcomes horny males.

Body Arum Spa (Bali - Renon)

By Jakarta100bars →
Body Arum Spa in Denpasar is a massage parlour offering various kinds of sensual treatments. In particular, you can get a plus plus by two girls (Triple S) and their famous "beer massage". Price is Rp350,000 + tips (usually, Rp100,00). Body Arum Spa Bali Jalan Tukah Yeh Aya 38C Renon, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia Phone number: +62 (0) 361 780 7915, +62 (0) 361 223 878, +62 (0) 361 364 1001

Zona Spa Bali

By Jakarta100bars →
Zona Spa is a massage parlour in Bali that opened early 2015. Prices are around Rp800,000-1M for everything, included, including sexual services (90 minutes). The originality is that girls wear costumes such as stewardess, japanese geisha, french maid, college girl, etc... If you are a foreigner, you must generally pay an extra Rp200,000. It is still slightly cheaper than Riverview spa. Opening hours: Everyday from 12am to 10.30pm

4 Best Gay Spas and Massages in Bali

By Jakarta100bars →
The best gay spas and massage parlors of Bali are located in the Seminyak area. It's not surprising: This is where you will find the largest LBGT community of the island (expat and Indonesian). As I wrote on my review Bali Nightlife , you can also find in Seminyak a small strip of gay bars (Bottoms Up, Mixwell, Bali Joe, Facebar). For tourists and expats, the two most popular places to get a gay massage in Bali are Banana Spa on Jalan Drupadi and Adam's Apple on Jalan Batu Belig. I have also added Minahasa Spa in North Denpasar which is more popular with a local crowd. Adam's Apple Male Massage Adam's Apple offers quite basic but clean and cozy facilities. The types of massages provided includes all the regular options but the favorites are the following:

Nikki Beach Bali

By Jakarta100bars →
Nikki Beach is planning to open its 11th Beach Club in the World in Bali in the second half of 2014. The famous brand already has locations on the hottest beach destinations worldwide such as Mallorca, Marbella, St Barth, Phuket, St Tropez, Miami, Ibiza, Koh Samui, Cabo, Marrakech. Founded by an American, Jack Penrod, the concept of the Nikki Beach is to be as bling bling and ostentatious as possible. A look at the pictures from their other beach clubs (above and below) will give you an idea. Even though the prices and style of Nikki Beach Bali will probably not suit everyone, it is still a welcome addition to the island. We can expect it to make the Nusa Dua area a bit less sleepy in terms of nightlife and events. Other luxurious beach clubs that you may want to check in Bali: Ku De Ta , Sundara , W Hotel , Potato Head , Cocoon ...

Motel Mexicola (Bali)

By Nyoman →
The Hype is there, in this place of Seminyak... You feel it as soon as you get in this Restaurant & Bar. First you have the decoration: How to describe it ? The owner of the place, Australian Adrian Reed, tried to imitate a 1960's Acapulco ambiance (in Mexico), with images of Mexican Wrestlers and "Dia de Muertos", the Mexican Holiday. It is very colorful and very impressive at first sight. When you look closely at it, it is mostly an accumulation of old objects, weird paintings on the wall and other decoration that doesn't make any sense. The people who are going to this place are 90% tourists and expats. That is the case for all the hype venues in Seminyak. Basically all the people who stay in Potato Head Beach Club during daytime are coming to this place after Beach/Pool time. The music is good and the place hosts many events since they have a stage in the middle of the Bar. I like to go there for a drink since the place is very open. Pricewis

La Favela (Bali)

By Jakarta100bars →
La Favela is one of the trendy bars and restaurants in Seminyak. It was opened by the same team behind the very popular La Plancha and the defunct La Barca (closed for administrative reasons). I believe they owe their success to 3 key factors: - Great design with an attention paid to every single details. The atmosphere they create is always unique and it is worth having a look even if you are not a party-goer. - Strategic location in the heart of Seminyak - A huge network among the expat community that enables them to organize happening parties just by posting a word on facebook.

Jenja Bar & Club (Bali)

By Jakarta100bars →
  Jenja is the newest addition to the Bali nightlife scene. It is a restaurant, bar and club located between Legian and Seminyak, about 200 meters from Double 6 beach. It is too early to say if Jenja will be a happening clubbing venue in Bali, but so far they managed to do some great parties, particularly their opening.

Charlie (Bali): Bar, Club, Kitchen

By Jakarta100bars →
      Charlie is one of the happening nightlife spots in Seminyak (Bali) at the moment, together with Townhouse and Jenja . As defined by one of its (foreign) owners, it is not just a bar, restaurant or club, but a lifestyle venue. You go there to spend some good time with friends, meet people and experience new food, drinks, or music. If you are looking for a place to start your evening in Seminyak, I'd recommend you to try it. The food is great and affordable, including the pastries. Depending on the night, it can then become very busy and lively, especially when they have events or during the weekend. The crowd is mostly made of young expatriates (30-40).

Star Bugar Jaya Spa & Massage (Bali)

By Jakarta100bars →
Since I posted about Riverview Spa and Delta Spa in Bali, many readers sent me information about other massage parlours with extra services in Bali. Star Bugar Jaya seems to be one of the most popular: You have girls in sort of "Aquariums". You choose the one you like and you can get a massage with a plus plus, or even more.

Riverview Spa (Bali Massage Plus Plus)

By Jakarta100bars →
        Riverview Spa is a sensual massage parlour located near Jalan Nakula in Seminyak (500m from Double 6 beach). It is walking distance from the TS Suites Hotel (very recommended for nightlife). I heard about it from a friend who told me it was one of the only "Jakarta or Thai style" spas in Bali. There are many massage venues in Bali, but they normally offer standards massage, without plus plus or sexual services, and if they do, it is not luxury massage parlours catering to tourists or expatriates. I haven't tried the place, but the information I could gather is the following: It is owned by an Italian man, in cooperation with Balinese from Laskar Bali (Balinese mafia). It offers sexual spa services of 3 kinds: