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Holy Smokes - Slow Smoked BBQ (Jakarta)

By Tibs →
Holy Smokes is a chain of slow-smoked Texas-style BBQ restaurants, with currently three locations in or near Jakarta (Alam Sutra, Pantai Indah Kapuk and Wolter Monginsidi). It is part of Ersons Food, a group founded by three brothers who also own the famous Holy Crab franchise (previously reviewed here ). I visited Holy Smokes in Wolter Monginsidi on a Thursday evening, shortly before closing time. It is easy to spot from the outside, with its massive, bright sign that makes you feel as if you had reached the Holy Land. By the time I entered, it was still relatively busy, which was not a surprise considering it is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. Its interior design is based on an industrial theme and it reappropriates some of the graphic codes and materials used on construction sites or factories. Add to that the large communal table at the center of the main dining room and you really get the impression of eating in a chic American canteen.

PIK Nightlife: Best Bars and Clubs

By Tibs →
Currently, PIK is one of the favorite spots for wealthy, young Indo-Chinese to hang out in Jakarta. Many among them live in the Pluit area and they are looking for an alternative to going to South Jakarta's hot spots in SCBD or Senopati. The type of food available is also the one most popular with this community. In particular, the availability of pork on the menu of a restaurant in PIK is the key to success. This is also a good location to eat Korean BBQ, Taiwan desserts, or to drink Soju drinks. Nightlife in PIK Most of the popular places are located in the streets surrounding the Damai Indah Golf course, namely Jalan Marina Indah and Jalan Pantai Indah Kapuk (near the Jakarta Outer Ring Road).  The nightlife in PIK is similar to the nightlife in Kemang 10 years ago: The bars/clubs are more like beer gardens or cafés with loud music and an improvised dance floor. You won't pay an entrance fee and there is no strict dress code. I used to list here a number of

SumoBoo (Dessert Restaurant)

By Tibs →
SumoBoo is the trendy dessert restaurant of the moment among young, upper class Indonesians. It serves food that most Western people would hate, including myself, but if you have a very sweet tooth you may enjoy it... The prices are reasonable, around 30,000rp for a drink and 40,000rp for a dessert. As it is small, you will have to queue to get in...