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Holy Smokes - Slow Smoked BBQ (Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Holy Smokes is a chain of slow-smoked Texas-style BBQ restaurants, with currently three locations in or near Jakarta (Alam Sutra, Pantai Indah Kapuk and Wolter Monginsidi). It is part of Ersons Food, a group founded by three brothers who also own the famous Holy Crab franchise (previously reviewed here ). I visited Holy Smokes in Wolter Monginsidi on a Thursday evening, shortly before closing time. It is easy to spot from the outside, with its massive, bright sign that makes you feel as if you had reached the Holy Land. By the time I entered, it was still relatively busy, which was not a surprise considering it is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. Its interior design is based on an industrial theme and it reappropriates some of the graphic codes and materials used on construction sites or factories. Add to that the large communal table at the center of the main dining room and you really get the impression of eating in a chic American canteen.

Wu Bar & Club (PIK - Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Wu is a bar and nightclub located in North Jakarta. Opened recently, it is one of the few proper nightlife venues in PIK (see my review PIK Nightlife ), a trendy area among young and affluent Indochinese. Wu is actually more of a lounge where most people sit down and drink until they get so drunk they start dancing. It is better to come with a group as you are very unlikely to meet anyone if you are by yourself (unless you get invited to a table). They also serve shisha.

PIK Nightlife: Best Bars and Clubs

By Jakarta100bars →
Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) nightlife barely existed until a few years ago. The bars and clubs I will mention in this review were opened in the past 2 years. The scene is most likely to change a lot more as new residences, hotels, malls and offices open there. Currently, PIK is one of the favorite spots for wealthy, young Indo Chinese to hang out in Jakarta. Many among them live in the Pluit area and they are looking for an alternative to going to South Jakarta's hot spots in SCBD or Senopati. The type of food available is also the one most popular with this community. In particular, the availability of pork on the menu of a restaurant in PIK is the key to success. Before Party: Where to eat? Typically, many restaurants in PIK will fall into one of these categories: - Korean Barbecue : Kimchi GrandMa, Gomawo, Seorae, Born Ga, Mapogalmaegi, Han Ok.

GFE Massage Parlour (PIK) - Blow-Job Spa

By Jakarta100bars →
GFE is a massage parlour plus plus with blow-job services (BJ). It is one of the only places of the kind in Jakarta. You also have BlowArt but it's located in BSD.  Both are not exactly blow-job bars like you have in Bangkok but rather blow-job spas. Instead of finishing the massage with a handjob, the girl will give you oral comfort. GFE stands for Girl-Friend Experience, it is a term used to describe when a prostitute is friendly and gives a customer the impression that she is her girlfriend.

Carnivor Grill Restaurant (The Meat Company)

By Unknown →
Carnivor is a small chain of steak and meat restaurants. They have four locations in Indonesia at the moment (see below for the list of Carnivor restaurants). I tried the branch of Pantai Indah Kapuk, one of the busiest restaurants in this area on that day. Carnivor seemed to be very popular with a young and trendy crowd, especially Indo-Chinese people. They have a nice atmosphere with good lounge music and a modern design. The toilets were quite dirty though. I had a Wagyu Ribeye for Rp 215k++ which isn't cheap but it was worth it since all was excellent: The cooking, the tenderness, the side dishes. Only the sauce was average. Overall : Recommended restaurant if you want to eat a quality, affordable steak in Jakarta.

SumoBoo (Dessert Restaurant)

By Jakarta100bars →
SumoBoo is the trendy dessert restaurant of the moment among young, upper class Indonesians. It serves food that most Western people would hate, including myself, but if you have a very sweet tooth you may enjoy it... The prices are reasonable, around 30,000rp for a drink and 40,000rp for a dessert. As it is small, you will have to queue to get in...

Gran Magnolia Spa (PIK, Pondok Indah)

By Jakarta100bars →
  Gran Magnolia Spa is a clean / affordable massage parlour for man only. It is located in Pantail Indah Kapuk, in Pluit. The spa opened just recently and I haven't visited it yet. The information I could gather about it so far: The facilities include a whirlpool, a sauna, a lounge, and various thematic massage rooms (Hawaiian, Egyptian, Cosmic, Library... see photos of the rooms below). When you choose a thematic room, the masseuse will also wear a special uniform matching the style of the room. The prices are currently at 118,000rp for 90min in Deluxe and 168,000rp in VIP room, but this is because of the Soft Opening. The normal ones should be double of that. There is also a Magnolia Spa in Pondok Indah which offers similar services with Delta , but cheaper. We can expect that Gran Magnolia in PIK will be the same. Please comment if you visit. Gran Magnolia Spa and Men's Health Club (PIK) Jalan Pantai Indah Utara 2 Komplek Ruko Galeri Mediterania No. N8K

Portérhouse (PIK)

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  Portérhouse, located in newly-developed Pantai Kapuk Indah, is one of the main social hubs of mid-to-high class Indonesian in North Jakarta. It is a classic Jakartan hangout place, with a cozy atmosphere, long and communal tables, soft music, and a long list of sweet drinks and snacks. On weekends especially, it gets busy in the evening and you have live music or DJs on occasion. Considering North Jakarta has a really poor choice when it comes to Western food, Portérhouse can be considered a decent venue with affordable price. Nothing worth coming from South or Central Jakarta if you live there though. Overall:

Hops & Malt (Beer House)

By Jakarta100bars →
Hops & Malt is a fun place to drink cheap beers in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Popular with young Indonesians, it is similar with other recently-opened beer houses in Jakarta ( Barrels , La Bière , etc..). It is the beginning of a new trend actually, since until a few years ago, beer drinking was not so common outside of the main bars in Kemang and the Golden triangle (except in dodgy venues).