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Bubur Kwang Tung (Open 24-Hour)

By Tibs →
Bubur Kwang Tung is an institution in Jakarta, especially for late-night clubbers. Open 24-hour and located in Pecenongan, not far from many nightlife venues, it is similar with Kamseng , located on Jalan Mangga Besar. It is mostly popular for its rice porridges (bubur in Indonesian) but it serves also a complete menu of Chinese (Cantonese) dishes. We visited it well after midnight after a fun evening of exploring live dangdut café, and we were both very happy with the taste of our porridge. I was even surprised I liked the food so much as I'm normally not a fan at all of it. Overall : A must-try in Jakarta, especially after a night of clubbing. If you are a celebrity, you'll eat for free and you can have your picture on the wall too... Bubur Kwang Tung -  Open 24/7 Jalan Pecenongan No 671 (near Red Top Hotel) Central Jakarta

Fez (Expat Bar)

By Tibs →
Fez is a popular expat bar in Kemang, owned by the same people behind Aphrodite . It is usually quite crowded, especially during sporting events. As in Aphrodite , you have some decent food (for around Rp100,000 a meal), and always a few pretty girls. You can check the food here: Menu Fez Kemang . You also have two pool tables. It is not my favourite in Kemang (I prefer Murphy's or Eastern Promises ), but still a good venue. Price for one small Heineken: Rp50,000 with taxes. Opening hours: Everyday, from 3pm to 2am (3am on weekends)

Lara Djonggrang

By Tibs →
Lara Djonggrang is the most famous of the restaurants belonging to the Tugu group, which is also behind Samarra , Dapur Babah Elite and Shanghai Blue . With its spectacular decoration, it is the favourite Indonesian restaurant of many expatriates and tourists. It is also where they will take their friends/family when they come to visit Jakarta. Food-wise, it is above average both in taste and appearance, and I also find it good-value compared to the overall experience. There will always be people saying you can get better food in some warungs, but you will pay 2 euros instead of 5 euros for your Nasi Goreng. I think the atmosphere, service and food presentation in Lara Djonggrang is largely worth those 3 extra euros.