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Kafe Betawi (Jakarta)

By Tibs →
Kafé Betawi is a chain of Indonesian food restaurants located in various malls in Jakarta. I tried the one in Plaza Indonesia. Their concept is to sell typical street food dishes in a clean and cozy atmosphere. The prices are low, especially for malls and they are usually popular venues to eat probably for this reason. We had a few dishes in Kafe Betawi:

Kamseng (24h Chinese Restaurant)

By Tibs →
Kamseng restaurant is the equivalent in North Jakarta of Dim Sum Festival in the South: Opened 24 hours, it is filled with party-goers and clubbers from nearby entertainment venues. My boss once told me about a place near Hayam Wuruk nicknamed the "wh*res' porridge", and now I think he was talking about Kamseng. If you go there late, you'll understand why. After trying a few restaurants in the area, namely Hunan Kitchen and Lac Mei Che , I had high expectations, but what I tried there was nothing more than a busy warung serving cheap, yet average food. Kamseng has a lot of waiters, but it is so busy you could get more attention in a McDonald's during rush hour. If you are looking for a nice, quiet dinner, this is not the place.

Mamink Daeng Tata (Makassar Cuisine)

By Tibs →
  Mamink Daeng Tata is a famous Indonesian restaurant, with mostly food from Makassar, Sulawesi. They have branches in Tebet, Permata Hijau and Pasar Minggu. I tried the one located on Jalan K.H. Abdullah Syafii'e, which is quite easy to find: Coming from Jalan Rasuna Said, you need to follow Jalan Casablanca, pass Park Lane Hotel and Harris Tebet, then a fly-over bridge, and if you look carefully on your left, you will see it. Daeng Tata is a very simple place, not fancier than a warung, and it brings a mixed crowd of Indonesians from various social backgrounds. You may see a few expats, but it is rare. During the day, it can get hot since there is no AC (at least in the one I went to), so it's best to come at night, with some mosquito repellent. While most customers come for its Barbeque Ribs, I advise you to try their Coto (Soup) or their Konro (Soup with Boiled Ribs) as well, two specialties from South Sulawesi. The service is very fast, I didn't have to wait more t

Mbah Jingkrak (Setiabudi)

By Tibs →
Mbah Jingrak is a Sundanese restaurant in Setiabudi, famous for its surrealistic decoration and its extremely spicy "Sambal Iblis" . If you are an expat, this is the kind of place you want to bring your visiting friends and family to impress them. It is an unusual venue, a little hidden, yet with quality food and service. Due to weak resistance to hot food, I could not enjoy most of the dishes and I had to rely on my Indonesian friends for this review. Generally speaking, Mbah Jinggrak seems to serve the kind of food you could find in many higher-end warungs, without anything exceptional except their sambal (spicy sauce). The quality according to them is similar to that of Bumbu Desa or Java Wok . The prices are about 25% higher though (read the menu here ), so you should spend around Rp60,000 per person for a full meal excluding drinks. It is still cheap considering the setting. Everyone at my table intended to come back, and I share the same feelings: I strongly recomme

Melly's Garden (Jakarta)

By The Jakarta Team →
Melly's Garden is a very popular hangout spot near Jalan Jaksa. If you are a tourist staying in the area, it is a much better choice than most of the bars located in the famous backpacker street. It is quite crowded on most nights, and the waiters may not visit your table before a moment so be patient... They have all kind of cheap snacks and food. You should stick to the local dishes, they taste much better than any of the western ones. There are some foreigners, but the majority of the patrons are young Indonesians. Overall: Recommended for the atmosphere, the open-air and the prices. Better for drinking than for eating. Advice: Bring mosquito repellent! Opening Hours: From 11am until 3AM, everyday Address: Melly's Garden has changed location. It is now Jalan Kebon Sirih Timur Dalam No 37-39 Central Jakarta Phone number: 021 91275753

Restoran Trio (Cikini)

By Tibs →
  Trio is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Jakarta : It was opened in 1947 by Lam Khai Tjioe, Tan Lung and Tan Kim Po. It is still a family business today, managed by Lam Khai Tjioe's son, Effendy Sumartono. I don't know how it looked like back then, but I imagine that it hasn't changed much over time. You have about 10 basic, wooden tables, some information about the menu on the walls, and a small store at the counter. No air-con in Trio, which means that for lunch it feels hot, and for dinner you get bitten by mosquitoes.

Warung Desa (Jakarta)

By Tibs →
Warung Desa is a restaurant chain with two locations in Jakarta. The first branch, the only one I visited, is in Jalan Agus Salim (ex-Sabang) while the second, more recent, is in Tebet. They serve mainly Indonesian food, with some Chinese, Western and Arabian dishes as well. The design is rather modern and the inside is clean, with air-con. It is a big step-up for the usual "Rumah Makan", even though the prices are only slightly higher. The nasi goreng for instance costs only Rp12,000++, and the mie ayam Rp12,000++.

Warung Leko (Indonesian food)

By Tibs →
Warung Leko is a chain of Indonesian food restaurants similar with Warung Tekko , previously reviewed on this blog. For me, there is no real difference between the two, but people always say one of them is there favourite, just as they would say Pepsi is better than Coke. They specialize in Iga Bakar and Iga Penyet (Grilled ribs and Smashed ribs with spicy sauce). They have other items on the menu, all the usual Indonesian favourites, but most customers go for the ribs only.