I was introduced to The Pimp a few years ago by a friend, an expat living in Bangkok, who told me that it was the equivalent of men's clubs like Alexis or Malioboro in Jakarta.

It is actually quite different, for many reasons (it is not a massage parlor for a start), but I understand what his point was: All these places are men's paradises, where almost all their fantasies can become reality.

As far as I know, The Pimp is the best nightclub in Bangkok for VIP party. It is also a one-of-a-kind venue in Southeast Asia, combining in a single location a high-class gogo bar, a club, and a private KTV.

Most people start their night out in the nightclub, on the ground floor. It is a large space, literally filled with gorgeous ladies, maybe 100 or 150 of them, all wearing some sexy outfits, bikinis or lingerie (sometimes just a g-string). They are everywhere, either dancing on the stage, performing shows or entertaining guests. Best of all, you can invite any of them to join your table and party with you.

Here is a look at some of their prettiest models:
There is great, entertaining music all night long, from some of the best bands in Bangkok (two of them every night - check their Facebook to hear for yourself). They usually play a mix of the latest international hits with some classic Top 40 songs. The sound quality is excellent as they use Nexo speakers and Campco amplifiers in the whole club (including the KTV), the number 1 references for professional audio equipment.

Here is what the atmosphere at The Pimp looks like in the nightclub area:
There is almost always something new and exciting going on at The Pimp. The shows, the girl's costumes, and the themes of the night change regularly, so the atmosphere is never really twice the same. You have the Sexy French Maid nights, the Sexy Nurse nights, etc. I recommend going there early in the evening when you can have almost all the girls for yourself, and then to stay well after midnight when the erotic show starts.
The latter is one of the reasons The Pimp stands above the competition. You may have up to 60 girls on three stages, almost naked, doing some mesmerizing strip shows and sensual choreographies. It’s easy to lose your mind, considering you also have around 100 more girls wearing bikinis and lingerie all around you in the club.
Girls who work at The Pimp are an eclectic bunch. Some of them are innocent-looking students you wouldn't mind introducing to your mom, while others, with their fake boobs and tattoos, could be pornstar-material. Overall though, they are young, beautiful, awesome to party with, and they are smart enough to hold a conversation. They are all working freelance, so anything is possible as long as you make them feel they can have fun in your company.
If you are with a group of friends, you can also rent one of their 18 private KTV and Party rooms, some of which can accommodate up to 30 guests. Of course, you are allowed to bring any girl from the club with you (you can also ask for a line-up of the girls directly in the room as well). As you can imagine, this is where the craziest parties happen, the kind of stuff only your best friends can know about.
If you are planning to organize a stag party in Bangkok, renting a Party room in The Pimp is one of the best decisions you could take. They are like an intimate, private nightclub, with a top-notch sound and lighting system, pool tables, TVs, a DJ, a shower stage, harem rooms, a dance floor, and even, in some cases, a jacuzzi. The best party room, the Pool zone, is an actual outdoor pool with a podium for dancing in the middle of it.

To see what a pool party looks like at the Pimp, play this video:
Like anything exclusive, partying at The Pimp is not exactly cheap. It is not crazy expensive either if you come with a group of friends, or if you are a regular customer. It is also not more expensive than going to 3-4 different nightclubs in one night, spending 2,000 baht in each.

You have to ask yourself, which experience do you think will be the most memorable? Partying with 150 models or being squeezed by hundreds of guys in a random club?
Opening hours:
Every day from 9 PM to 2 AM

The Pimp is located about 15-20 minutes by cab from Sukhumvit/Nana Plaza:

496 Rotchanamin Alley @ Pracha Uthit Rd,
Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand

Instagram: @pimpbangkok

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