Singapore has a booming nightlife for everyone. There are disco clubs for teenagers, member’s club bars to meet and strike deals at, and a lot more. If you are a businessperson and travel to Singapore frequently, you know how great it is when you finally find a suitable bar.

Apart from enjoying hard drinks or cocktails, these bars provide a relaxing ambiance when you want a peace of mind after a tough day with business meetings. They are the best place to find a corner to cut a business deal with prospective business partners in the Lion City.

If this is what you looking for, let's get straight to the best bars in Singapore that are suited for business people.

The Old Man
This rustic bar has a classic and bronze theme to entice serious businesspeople. It is long with mosaic portraits everywhere. What is more interesting is the pineapple lamp that welcomes people along the Keong Saik road. It is not only popular in Singapore but has been featured on the list of the top 50 best bars in the world. With this, who wouldn't want to chill here after a day full of business errands? They specialize in all popular cocktails, liquor, wines, and beers.

Idle Wind
This is another bar in Singapore with a 1940s theme that is suitable for any business traveler. The bar is the brainchild of one of the best mixologists in the world from Australia, Andy Griffiths. Here, you will find the best cocktails from different parts of the world as well as other popular alcoholic drinks. The bar also serves snacks to their customers.

Madame Fan Bar
If you really to entertain your fellow businesspeople or special ladies whom you have met during your business trip, look no further than the Madame Fan Bar. Davide Boncimino, an award-winning bartender and the bar’s founder, makes exceptional cocktails from scratch using high-quality ingredients. The bar is so popular that experts at One Visa Pte Ltd often recommend it to business travelers and other people looking for work permits through them.

Manhattan Bar
If you are a business person who values class, visit the Manhattan Bar to witness ladies and gentlemen dressed in pearls and 3-piece suits. This is a bar where people smoke cigars and classic tobacco sticks as they sip their 19th-century cocktails and listen to classical jazz. And let’s not forget the whispers of cutting deals. This is your perfect bar for your clandestine rendezvous business.

Our list of the best bars in Singapore would not be complete without mentioning Level33. It is one of the highest based brew bars that serves beers, cocktails, other alcoholic drinks, and food. This is a perfect place to entertain your business partners and prospects after making a good deal. The bar is located inside of the Marina Bay complex on floor 33, from which it got its name.

It is always good to choose a perfect bar as a businessperson. As you can see, Singapore has got you covered with the list of bars we have offered. It is up to you to pick one that suits your needs in the best way. 

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