"Sugar dating" is booming in Singapore, both among men and women.

The country is currently the 3rd richest in the world per capita, meaning there are plenty of wealthy guys who can afford to support a girl and/or to buy her expensive gifts.

At the same time, Singaporean girls are famously materialistic and many are actively looking for a partner with deep pockets. They may not care if a guy is handsome or ugly, but they will certainly want to know his job, his position or his income before considering going on a date with him.

Singapore is also home to tens of thousands of foreign girls, especially from nearby Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Indonesia or Thailand. For many of them, dating a wealthy foreigner can be a life-changing situation and the promise of a better future back home.

This combination of rich guys + money-oriented girls has made Singapore a fertile ground for sugar dating to develop. It's no surprise that the founder of the website Seeking.com is Singaporean.

If you are living or visiting the city-state, this article will tell you everything you should know about sugar dating here: How it works, how much it costs, and how to find the perfect sugar baby or a sugar daddy for you.

What is Sugar Dating?
Sugar dating is a relationship between a rich guy (a sugar daddy) and a younger girl (a sugar baby) in which money or gifts are involved. The arrangement is generally agreed upon before the relationship starts and it can take many forms:

The sugar daddy may help his sugar baby to pay for her studies or her rent. He may also provide her with a monthly allowance. Sometimes, the girls will prefer lavish gifts, exotic trips and/or fancy dinners. Generally speaking, if she can brag about it on Instagram, then it can be part of the arrangement.

In some cases, the girl may also expect her sugar daddy to provide some kind of mentorship. She may want to benefit from his experience to improve herself and to learn new skills. For example, he can teach her about wines, about golfing or about career choices. If you are able to make her benefit from your professional network, she will certainly appreciate it too.

Is Sugar Dating a form of prostitution?
Personally, I don't consider that a sugar baby is a prostitute. Even though she likes and cares about money, she still needs to be seduced and to feel a connection before agreeing to sex. As many of them write on their profiles: "Chemistry is a must!". They are often materialistic, of course, but being superficial or shallow doesn't make you a prostitute.

Best websites to meet a Sugar Baby in Singapore
There are the 4 best ways to meet a sugar baby in Singapore:

Universe Club: Japanese Girls in Singapore (Sponsored)
The Japanese dating club Universe has just opened a branch in Singapore so it's relevant to include it here.

This company, the largest of the kind in Japan, allows you to meet smart, beautiful and open-minded Japanese girls who are interested in dating foreigners. Currently, they have over 8,000 girls to choose from, most of whom can speak English and are willing to travel to Singapore.

To meet them, first, you must become a member (starting 250USD per year). At this point, you will be allowed to browse the girls' profiles and to select the ones you want to meet. Each time you meet a girl, you must pay a one-time fee (starting 180USD).

It is not a prostitution site, but the girls are money-oriented and they are receptive to being spoiled.

For more information, I have explained the whole system in detail in this article: How to meet a Japanese girl?

Currently the most famous sugar baby website in the world, it boasts over 3,000 profiles in Singapore. Most of them are Filipinas and Indonesians, but there are many Singaporean girls too.

You can create an account for free. Then, if you want to message someone, you will need to become a premium member (20$ per month).

Girls on Seeking.com are quite diverse. Some are prostitutes, and some are not even looking for money (they just want to meet foreign guys). It's actually pretty fun to look at the site and to read the profiles.

This website, based in Malaysia, has been growing in Southeast Asia after a scandal broke surrounding a party it sponsored during the Singapore F1 Grand Prix in 2018.

It doesn't have as many members as Seeking.com, but it is an alternative that's worth trying. The premium version is quite expensive, though, at 60$ per month. It allows you to hide your online status, to search for specific profiles and to send an unlimited number of messages.

Tinder is a generalist dating app where most people are looking for relationships or hook-ups. That said, if you swipe profiles for a while, you will see a few sugar babies in it. As a guy, you could also write in your profile that you are looking for an "arrangement".

The obvious advantage of Tinder is that it's free, but then if you can't afford to pay for an app, are you sure you can finance the lifestyle of a sugar baby?

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