"Sugar dating" is booming all over Asia, and this is particularly true in Japan. In Tokyo, which is regularly ranked among the most expensive cities in the world, a growing number of young women are joining dating clubs or sugar baby websites, hoping they can find a man who can support them financially.

For guys, especially those with comfortable revenues, it is a way to simplify the dating process and to find girls they normally don't have access to. In real life, few men in their 40s have the opportunity to meet and date a sexy student in her twenties, and sugar dating gives them a chance.

If you are tempted by this experience while living or visiting Japan, this article will tell you everything you should know: How does sugar dating work, how much does it cost, and how to find a sugar baby in Tokyo.

What is Sugar Dating?
Sugar dating is a relationship with benefits between a young woman (a sugar baby) and an older man (a sugar daddy). Typically, the sugar daddy is expected to provide gifts for his sugar baby: It can be a monthly allowance, a big check to pay for her studies, some fancy dinners, a trip to the Maldives, a weekend in a luxury hotel, etc. Basically, anything that can make a girl happy, especially if she can brag about it on her Instagram.

For some purists, a sugar daddy is also supposed to be a mentor (professionally, but also emotionally and sexually). If you haven't seen it yet, watch "50 Shades of Grey". It's a terrible movie, but it will help you understand the fantasy and expectations of many girls who become sugar babies.

Is Sugar Dating a form of prostitution?
Though many people would disagree, I personally don't think sugar dating is prostitution. Of course, some girls will pretend to be sugar babies, yet they will go directly to anyone's hotel room for a couple of hundred dollars. These girls are escorts.

A sugar baby will act differently. Even though she is attracted to money, she still needs to be seduced and to feel a connection before agreeing to sex. As many of them write on their profiles: "Chemistry is a must!". They can often be materialistic, of course, but being superficial or shallow doesn't make you a prostitute.

Also, sugar babies often expect more than just sex from their dates. Definitely, they are looking for an experience, something thrilling, that will make their lives more exciting.

I know a couple of guys who have a thing for upper-class, older women. They love being desired and spoiled by them, maybe because it makes them feel empowered. I would never think of them as gigolos, and I feel the same when the genders are reversed.

Cost of having a sugar baby in Tokyo
Having a sugar baby in Tokyo is more expensive than elsewhere in Asia. It is difficult to estimate the exact cost since each relationship is different but, still, I can give you an approximate number.

First, the cost of finding a sugar baby:
The best dating clubs (like Universe) charge between US$200 and US2,500$ per year in registration fees. Then, for each meeting with a girl, you will have to pay between US150$ and US800$. It's expensive, but that's where the most beautiful girls are.

International sugar baby websites, like SeekingArrangement, are cheaper. The price is 20$ per month or 120$ per year.

Second, the cost of maintaining a relationship:
This will depend on your agreement. If you want her to be in an exclusive relationship with you, you should be able to give a monthly allowance of US$1,500-US$3,000, + some gifts once in a while.

If you only plan on meeting with her occasionally, for instance during a weekend, a normal rate is between US300$ and US500$ per day.

Again, these numbers are gross estimates and they really depend on the state of your relationship with your sugar baby. Sometimes, the relationship can be based on gifts only, or it can evolve in a love story where money becomes secondary.

Best websites to meet a Japanese sugar baby
There are 3 best ways to meet a sugar baby in Tokyo:

This is the largest dating club in Japan, with nearly 8,000 Japanese women available. Most of them can speak English, and they are extremely diverse, from students still living with their families to famous JAV stars or gravure models.

I've explained how their system works in details here: How to Meet a Beautiful Japanese Girl?

Basically, customers must pay a yearly fee: The more they pay, the higher the class of girls they can date (from standard class to black class). Once members, they have access to a catalog with a detailed profile for each girl, and they can request to meet anyone they like. If the girl agrees, then it's a date and they are charged for a "setting rate".
The girls from Universe are definitely real sugar babies. They know that the clients of the club are rich and that's the main reason they are joining it. Another reason is that the website offers much more privacy than the competition. Only members have access to the girl's photos, and the clients are all screened by the management to guarantee their safety.

Overall, if you can afford it, this is your best choice for meeting a pretty Japanese sugar baby in Tokyo.

Note: The service is also available in Singapore, where they have a branch.

This international website is currently the leader for finding sugar babies anywhere on the planet. It has about 900 girls profiles in Tokyo, with only a third who are real Japanese girls.

The main problem with Seeking Arrangement is that it's quite easy for anyone with an email address to see the girls' profiles. The registration takes 5 seconds, and you won't be asked to provide any ID or photos. For many potential sugar babies, the fear of being seen by a friend, a co-worker, or a family member will make them reluctant to register. As a result, the quality and the diversity of profiles is much lower than on Universe.

On the plus side, it's cheaper and very easy to use.

While Tinder is a more conventional dating app, you will still come across many sugar baby profiles when swiping in Tokyo. When you see one, you can just "super like" her, and cross your finger that she'll like you back.

Of course, this is not the best strategy to find a sugar baby, but the obvious benefit is that it's free. However, if you can't afford to spend a few hundred dollars on a website, I'm not sure the sugar dating scene is your thing.

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