Meeting beautiful Japanese girls is not an easy task, especially if you are not living in Japan and if you don't have much time for endless dates.

Because of this, many men visiting Japan will be tempted to use escort services online. Though not 100% legal, they require no effort and they may seem like the only way to get a Japanese girl.

Most foreigners ignore that there is a much better alternative to escort services: The Japanese dating clubs (for instance, Universe Club, one of the largest in the country).

These clubs are navigating in the grey area between normal dating and escorting. Basically, they help you obtain dates with open-minded and beautiful Japanese ladies, yet they do not guarantee that sex will happen.

They usually charge a yearly membership fee (from a couple hundred dollars up to several thousand), as well as a "setting fee" for each time you want to date someone.

Here are 4 reasons to prefer dating clubs over escort services:


Escort Services:
You should be aware that offering sexual services (vaginal intercourse) for money is illegal in Japan. Therefore, even if it seems easy to request the services of a prostitute online, you are officially breaking the law.

Dating Clubs:
Dating clubs, on the contrary, do not guarantee anything. They just make it easier to date someone who is open-minded and, obviously,  interested with guys who have money. You pay for a date, not for sex. Because of that, they are 100% legal and safe to use.

If you don’t want to have any problems with the police, only use the services of a dating club.


It is hard to compare exactly the costs of escort services with those of a dating club as you do not get the same service and/or experience. Still, I think it is useful to get an idea of the figures involved:

Escort Services:
I checked a few escort websites on the Internet and I saw that on average, the prices will be 30,000 JPY (268 US$) for one hour and 120,000 JPY (1,075 US$) for the night. If you want to meet an escort a second time, you will have to pay again.

Dating Clubs:
Since dating clubs have a yearly membership fee, they are more expensive if you use them only once or twice. However, if you do several dates, they will end up costing pretty much the same (or even cheaper).

Let’s take an example with Universe Club. This is their prices:
If you take a Gold class membership, 1 date will cost you 80,000 JPY (50,000 JPY yearly fee + 30,000 JPY setting fee). But if you do 5 dates, each will cost you 40,000 JPY on average. That’s reasonable considering you can spend much more than 1 hour with the girl.

Furthermore, if you wish to have several dates with the same girl, you will not have to pay anything again.

It depends on which frequency you use the services. The more you use a dating club, the cheaper it gets. Another benefit of dating clubs is that the time is not counted. Therefore, you can just enjoy your time with the girl instead of constantly looking at the clock.


Escort websites:
There is a big stigma attached to prostitution in Japan, and only a tiny percentage of Japanese girls will accept to become an escort. In fact, there are so few candidates that most websites targeting foreigners will hire Chinese or Thai girls pretending to be Japanese. You will rarely see a truly gorgeous girl on those websites, and if you do, there is a big chance that it is a scam or that the pics are heavily photoshopped. Who cares if the customer gets tricked? It’s not like he is going to complain to the police, right?

Dating Clubs:
Since dating clubs do not force girls to have sex with the men they are meeting, they are able to attract a much larger diversity of women. Some can be students, office workers, flight attendants, models, etc. Also, they generally offer much more privacy than an escort website (pictures are only available to members, for instance), which is a big plus for them to recruit quality women.

If you really want to meet beautiful, smart, attractive Japanese girls who have a job and a career, dating clubs are definitely better. There is just more choice and quality, by far.


Escort websites:
Well, not much of an experience here. You go to a “love hotel”, the girl comes, you realize her face doesn’t really match the photos, and then one hour later the girl leaves. Most often, it is a cold experience that won’t leave a lasting memory.

Dating clubs:
You get to meet someone over some drinks or dinner, someone who speaks English and who is not a professional escort. You know that she is interested to be with someone who can help her financially, but she also wants to connect with emotionally. You can talk, laugh and flirt, knowing she might agree to go back to your hotel later.

Everyone might have a different opinion on this. Personally, I find it much more exciting to be with someone you have to seduce at least a little. Dating clubs are not just about sex, but also about creating a whole girlfriend experience with someone you will enjoy spending time with. It is no surprise that in some cases, couples that met through a dating club end up marrying each other.

Dating clubs are growing in popularity among foreigners as the best way to meet Japanese girls. They are not as straightforward as escort services, but they offer a much more authentic and rich experience. If you want to know more, I recommend you to check Universe Club, the number 1 Japanese dating club for foreigners (they know have a branch in Singapore, you can ask them about it when you send a message).

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