Sagitarius Hotel, Lounge and Spa (Jakarta)

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Sagitarius, also called Sagita, is an upscale men's spa and lounge located in the city center of Jakarta. It is one street behind All Seasons Thamrin, just 5 minutes away from the BNI Sudirman train station and less than 10 minutes walking distance from Grand Indonesia. Opened in June 2018, it is also home to a "hotel" and a rooftop called Arrow.

It is one of the rare massage parlors with "plus plus" (sexual services) that are easily accessible from the Central Business District and I guess it will be popular quickly. This only other one I can think of is Fortune, near Le Méridien Hotel.

It is typical of other similar venues in Jakarta: On the 2nd floor, you have the spa lounge, which is quite large and can accommodate some events occasionally (DJs, sexy dancer shows, live music etc). Next are the facilities, sauna, steam, cold and hot pool. The overall atmosphere is dark but soothing as you feel like being in a bubble isolated from the rest of Jakarta. 

There are 3 kinds of room available, depending on the standards:
Standard Room with 90-minute massage: IDR440,000
Superior Room with 90-minute massage: IDR500,000
Deluxe Room with 90-minute massage: IDR600,000. This room has a bathtub, a TV and a large queen size bed.

If you only want to use the facilities, without a massage, it will cost you only IDR150,000.

The massage can be shiatsu, traditional or sensual. In that case, it will be done naked and the price includes a "plus plus" (handjob). If you want more, you will have to pay a tip directly to the girl (IDR500,000 extra on average). You can also ask for an FL (freelancer) and pay IDR1,550,000.

Regarding the hotel, the price currently is IDR600,000 with breakfast included. You cannot book online yet, it has to be done directly at their reception or by phone.

Opening Hours:
The spa is open every day from 10 AM to 12 PM (last order at 11 PM)
The hotel is open 24-hour.
For the rooftop, it is still under construction at the moment.

Sagitarius Hotel, Lounge, Rooftop and Spa
Jalan Plaju No.3, Kebon Melati
Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta

Phone number: +62 (0) 21 391 5050
For booking and questions, you can also add the WhatsApp number: 087780550707

Website: Sagitarius Hotel and Spa
Instagram: Here and Here

Some photos of the therapists taken from their social media:

5 comments to '' Sagitarius Hotel, Lounge and Spa (Jakarta) "

  1. Anyone been yet? I plan on checking out the spa this weekend.

  2. I was there today and actually just mildly impressed.... the space is OK and the room (Deluxe) was okish. I asked immediately to turn of the TV. WTF.... Indonesian news??? really?? The lady was pretty... naiv I had the feeling but she was very attentive. Be careful of the mamasan.. she tried to trick me 3x in one sentence.... I orderd a glas of wine, and even though I don't speak Indonesian, the word "botol" sounds pretty familiar to me. I rejected immediately and friendly reminded her that she should not even try to play games.Suddenly she didnt understood english that well, but she was also not unfriendly. But she understood quickly what I meant. When I came back to pay, I suddenly found a bottle of water on my bill which I also didnt have. Friendly remining the cashier of their "Fauxpax"... she then called the bar and they said, the lady would have had one. Which she didn't. So after reminding them a third time, i got the correct bill. They were all in all friendly, but also nothing impressive. repeating factor 2 out of 5. Service was a bit like a GFE but not extraordinary.

  3. I have been there and it is a good place.
    As long as I know, they only sell wine in the bottle not in glass.

    All The staffs are friendly and nice.
    And if we have any trouble from mamasan or other staff, we can convey it to the Manager on Duty.

    I think, it's a best place for getting sauna and massage because it's not crowded, our privacy is upheld the most

  4. Stopped at Sagitarius today. All worked as described in the 2018 report. Rooms run 500-600 for part one of the massage. Both parties unencumbered. Part two is negotiated in the room. I felt generous and paid 500 and got an 8-star GFE and HJ. Could have had FJ for similar price. All polite, subdued, and professional. Room totally solid. Didn't make it to other spa services. Provider: Angel.