While things are getting stricter in Jakarta (closing of Alexis), prostitution venues are growing like mushrooms in South Tangerang.

I recently learned about a new place called Standing BLOW IN, which is a brothel/blowjob bar with a unique concept for Indonesia as they have a room with a glory hole.

If you frequently watch porn movies, you probably know that a glory hole is a hole in a wall where a man can insert his penis. On the other side, a woman or a man is supposed to play with it. The thrill comes from not knowing who is behind the wall.

They offer several types of services (info taken from their website):

- 30-minute session in glory hole room: IDR120,000 with naked girl (I don't really understand the point as you are not supposed to see her)
- 60-minute session: IDR160,000 with topless girl (includes a body massage and a BJ). You can get VIP room (with shower) for IDR40,000 extra. It normally includes a "cuci kolong" handjob (from behind).

They also have a lounge and a karaoke where you can buy alcohol and snacks. Currently, they have a beer bucket promo on Bali Hai (IDR105,000 for 4 bottles) and Guinness (IDR125,000 for 4 bottles).

Operating Hours:
Every day from 11 AM until 11 PM
Happy hour every day from 11 AM to 4 PM (IDR20,000 off).

Standing BLOW IN (Near Alam Sutera Living World, same complex as Diva Karaoke)
Komplek Ruko Alam Sutera Town Center (ASTC)
Blok 10F No.38
Alam Sutera, South Tangerang

Blackberry Messenger: 25E79B9E / D5961929
WhatsApp: 081398246664 or 0817741221
Phone number: 02129008542

Website (with pictures of the girls): sblowinalsut.blogspot.com

2 comments to '' Standing BLOW IN - A Glory Hole Massage Parlor near Jakarta) "

  1. Anyone tried this?

  2. Full of crap. There is not gloryhole at all. Just a normal bed where you will get a blowjob.