TBM - Gay, Lesbian, Straight Massage in Bali

By Jakarta100bars
TBM, an acronym for Total Body Massage, is an outcall massage service providing a variety of sensual services in Bali for men and women who can be either straight, lesbian or gay. They are also opened to couples.

You can order through their website tbmbali.com, or via Whatsapp, E-mail and Phone (see contact details below). Note that this is not an escort or a prostitution site. You will not have sex with your therapists, only a relaxing massage with a handjob or a vaginal stimulation.

Something interesting about TBM is that they are the only ones in Indonesia offering Yoni massage, which is basically a happy ending for women. It can be done by a female or a men therapist. On their website, they describe it as a "massage on and around the vagina and other erotic zones, including breasts". Fingering is optional, depending on the customer's preferences.

Another specialty of TBM is that you can get a 4-hand massage by two therapists at the same time. They will start the session with a traditional body massage and build tension until they finally help you reach orgasm.

The price for a 60-minute massage is IDR800,000 and for a 90-minute massage IDR1,000,000. For this price, the masseuses will go directly to your hotel or your villa at the time of your convenience.

If you choose two therapists, the price is IDR1,600,00 for 60 minutes and IDR2,000,000 for 90 minutes.

For more information, you can check their website directly. They have a section presenting each available therapist (women and men), with photos. You can also see comments left by previous customers.

Total Body Massage - TBM
Gay, Lesbian and Straight Massage in Bali
Email: admin@tbmbali.com
WhatsApp: +62 (0) 823 391 88882
Website: tbmbali.com
Instagram: TBM
Facebook: Total Body Massage Bali

5 comments to '' TBM - Gay, Lesbian, Straight Massage in Bali "

  1. This is a really great service and very professional. The therapist are timely and well mannered. I would recommend to anyone.

  2. The therapist left me really comfortable and relaxed, and I had a wonderful hour. Gone tô the sky and back. Can only recommend!

  3. are they discreet? do they show up looking like a masseuse or a call girl?

    1. Very discreet.
      And at first feels weird, but that goes away in 5 min...

  4. 5 Star Recommendation. I choose a good girl -relaxed, kind and slow paced. She has magic hands and great Massage skills.